Su­per Quiz: Busi­ness & fi­nance

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1. Dur­ing the 20th cen­tury this com­pany dom­i­nated sales of pho­to­graphic film.

2. What car com­pany is named after an elec­tri­cal en­gi­neer and physi­cist?

3. This com­pany’s of­fi­cial motto was “Don’t be evil.”

4. In the U.S., peanut but­ter must con­tain at least 90 per­cent peanuts, or it is called peanut ——————.

5. What com­pany is as­so­ci­ated with the name Ray Kroc?

6. What dig­i­tal as­set is as­so­ci­ated with the name Satoshi Nakamoto?

7. In a Vick­rey auc­tion, the price paid is that of which bid?

8. The Pudong district is the fi­nan­cial hub of what city?

9. What com­pany op­er­ates as Asda in the U.K. and Seiyu in Ja­pan?


1. Kodak

2. Tesla Mo­tors

3. Google

4. Spread

5. McDon­ald’s

6. Bit­coin

7. The se­cond-high­est bid 8. Shang­hai

9. Wal-Mart

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