U.S. flag dis­played at night should be lit

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I live in a com­mu­nity that flies the Amer­i­can flag on a flag­pole in front of our club­house. The flag flies con­tin­u­ously day and night; how­ever, dur­ing the pe­ri­ods of dark­ness, the flag is not prop­erly il­lu­mi­nated. I have re­quested that a light be in­stalled to prop­erly il­lu­mi­nate the flag dur­ing pe­ri­ods of dark­ness, but our gov­ern­ing board does not feel it is nec­es­sary. They state that a street light (25 to 40 feet across the street) is suf­fi­cient.

Ac­cord­ing to 4 U.S. Code, Sec­tion 6a, “It is the uni­ver­sal cus­tom to dis­play the flag only from sun­rise to sun­set on build­ings and on sta­tion­ary flagstaffs in the open. How­ever, when a pa­tri­otic ef­fect is de­sired, the flag may be dis­played 24 hours a day if prop­erly il­lu­mi­nated dur­ing the hours of dark­ness.”

It is rel­e­vant to note an ex­pla­na­tion by the Amer­i­can Le­gion, which states that “Proper il­lu­mi­na­tion is … hav­ing a light source suf­fi­cient to il­lu­mi­nate the flag so it is rec­og­niz­able as such by the ca­sual ob­server.”

Us­ing the street­light as a light source is not suf­fi­cient, in my opinion. The light is in­tended to il­lu­mi­nate the street. This is most dis­ap­point­ing, as sev­eral mem­bers of the board have served and re­tired from our mil­i­tary. Tens of thou­sands of Amer­i­cans have died de­fend­ing this flag!

I feel it is very dis­re­spect­ful that we do not give this flag the re­spect that it de­serves. If we choose not to dis­play it prop­erly, then we should take it down at dusk and raise again at daylight.

Ev­ery­one dis­play­ing a flag on their house at night should have a light on it. LYNN LAW Bella Vista

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