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I ask my­self, “What is it about a cold slab of stone with a few etch­ings that en­rages a hu­man be­ing to the point of de­stroy­ing it at the ex­pense of his per­sonal prop­erty and rep­u­ta­tion? What fright­en­ing mes­sage threat­ens him that he lies awake at night plan­ning ruin?”

Oh, wait, this isn’t the first time … why, the owner of the first slab of stone(s) with the same words did the same thing. A short time af­ter those words were etched into his inan­i­mate tablets, he threw them down in a fit of rage and smashed them to smithereens. Al­beit from en­tirely dif­fer­ent mo­ti­va­tion.

I also ask why the power of the Ten Com­mand­ments is so strong that it seems peo­ple are afraid of who or what it rep­re­sents. Since anger is usu­ally pre­ceded by fear, this must be the rea­son.

Could it be that the book from which it is lifted gives the clue to its power? It says of it­self it is liv­ing, as in hav­ing breath and vi­tal­ity and con­se­quence. It is ac­tive, con­tains en­ergy and move­ment. It is do­ing some­thing. It is sharper than any two-edged sword, pierc­ing as far as the divi­sion of soul and spirit, of both joints and mar­row and able to judge the thoughts and in­ten­tions of the heart. That is scary!

Do we know of any other writ­ing or book that makes such bold claims of it­self ?

Think about it.


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