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In­for­ma­tion is from state Health De­part­ment records. Restau­rants are listed in or­der of in­spec­tion date. All re­ports are from reg­u­lar food ser­vice in­spec­tions un­less other­wise noted. Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions are de­fined as items re­lat­ing di­rectly to fac­tors that lead to food-borne ill­ness and must be cor­rected im­me­di­ately. Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions are de­fined as items that re­late to main­te­nance of food op­er­a­tions and clean­li­ness.

BENTON COUNTY May 4 Prim­rose School of Rogers

3724 S. Pin­na­cle Hills Park­way, Rogers

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Per­son in charge did not know cor­rect con­cen­tra­tion for san­i­tizer or which test strip was for which san­i­tizer; must demon­strate knowl­edge of food safety ev­i­dent through­out the fa­cil­ity or by ap­pro­pri­ate re­sponses and ac­tions. Au­to­matic dish­washer is not dis­pens­ing san­i­tizer and must use three-com­part­ment sink un­til unit is re­paired. San­i­tizer from the laun­dry area is not ap­proved for food con­tact sur­faces. San­i­tizer at the three-com­part­ment sink for kitchen ap­pli­ca­tion should be used in­stead.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Ice buildup on top cor­ners of the freezer doors.

June 27 El Pue­blo Mar­ket

1551 W. Hud­son Road, Rogers Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Not all items have a marked date and are tem­per­a­ture con­trolled for safety; any tem­per­a­ture con­trolled for safety foods held more than 24 hours re­quire a date mark. Sin­gle-ser­vice items must be used in ac­cor­dance to reg­u­la­tions; carry out bags were used on the mixer. Gal­va­nized metal was used for mix­ing tamales bat­ter.

Mimi’s Cafe

2105 Prom­e­nade Blvd., Rogers Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Miss­ing soap at hand wash­ing sink in the bar area.

PF Chang’s China Bistro

2203 S. Prom­e­nade, Suite 13100, Rogers

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Soap dis­penser was not work­ing in the bar area.

June 28 Mis­ter B’s Steak­house

1043 W. Wal­nut St., Rogers Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Zero ppm chlo­rine in the ware washer.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: No con­sumer ad­vi­sory for un­der­cooked menu items.

Ship­ley Donuts

271 U.S. 412 West, Siloam Springs Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Front hand wash­ing sink does not have cold wa­ter be­cause the knob will not turn off wa­ter and is turned off at the valve.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Paint brush is be­ing used to ap­ply oil; the brush is rusty and needs to be thrown away and use the food grade brush in the fa­cil­ity. Em­ployee food is stored with es­tab­lish­ment food; store em­ployee food be­low es­tab­lish­ment food.

Kung Fu Eg­groll

24658 Lam­p­hear Road, Gen­try Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Main­tain cold food at 41 de­grees or be­low; do not hold spread past lunch ser­vice; spread was made in the morn­ing be­fore lunch.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Re­frig­er­a­tor is not suf­fi­cient to main­tain cold food at 41 de­grees or be­low.

1200 N. Lin­coln St., Siloam


Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Some chicken ten­ders were not at 135 de­grees or above while other food items in the hot case are at the cor­rect tem­per­a­ture. Sausage in the two-door re­frig­er­a­tor was at 42.3 de­grees; there were no other food items were in the unit to check and there was ice buildup so the unit needs checked to see if it is work­ing prop­erly.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Uten­sils and cook­ware were stored on cloth tow­els on card­board; uten­sils must be stored on non-ab­sorbent and eas­ily cleaned sur­faces. Ex­te­rior door and han­dles of the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer have an ac­cu­mu­la­tion of food; doors must be cleaned reg­u­larly. There are no lights in cooler or walk-in freezer; bulbs need to be re­placed or in­stalled. Per­mit posted is ex­pired; the com­pany is wait­ing for the main of­fice to send a new one.

Speedy’s Hunger and Thirst Min­istries

3298 E. Ken­wood St., Siloam Springs

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Black re­frig­er­a­tor not hold­ing food at 41 de­grees; ad­just as needed.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: No ther­mome­ters in ei­ther re­frig­er­a­tor in the din­ing area. There are ex­ces­sive flies and gnats in the hall­way. Store room freez­ers need to be clean and de­frosted.

Monte Ne Inn Chicken

5311 Bent Tree Drive, Rogers No vi­o­la­tions.

Big Rub Ur­ban Eatery

4208 S. Pleas­ant Cross­ing Blvd., Rogers

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Beef was 44 de­grees in two-door cooler by the three com­part­ment sink, which must be kept at 41 de­grees. Spray bot­tle did not have a la­bel in­di­cat­ing con­tent, all spray bot­tles must have a la­bel.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Em­ployee drinks did not have lids and straws.

Golden Cor­ral

2605 Pleas­ant Cross­ing Drive, Rogers

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Pizza sauce in pizza prep was 59 de­grees; cheese­cake was 53 de­grees in prep cooler is­land near meat carv­ing area; both must be kept at 41 de­grees or be­low.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Pizza prep cooler and prep is­land cooler near meat carv­ing area are not keep­ing foods at 41 de­grees or be­low. Au­to­matic dish­washer was 0 ppm for chlo­rine san­i­tizer; must be be­tween 50 to 100 ppm for chlo­rine san­i­tiz­ing.

June 29 Cali Ama’s

308 N. Wal­ton Blvd, Ben­tonville Fol­low-up in­spec­tion No vi­o­la­tions.

Sleepy Hol­low Store

12761 S. Arkansas 59, Gen­try Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Con­den­sa­tion leak in the walk-in cooler that has been called in for ser­vice. Mea­sur­ing cups, mea­sur­ing spoons and scoops are stored with han­dle in the prod­uct in some of the bulk dry bak­ing in­gre­di­ents; when stor­ing uten­sils in food items, store them with han­dle up out of the prod­uct

Trick Dily

2500 S.W. 14th St., Suite 112, Ben­tonville

No vi­o­la­tions.

Fish City Grill

2003 S, Bel­lview Road, Rogers No vi­o­la­tions.

Rogers BGC

409 S. Eighth St., Rogers No vi­o­la­tions.

July 3 Vet­er­ans Park Soc­cer Con­ces­sion

500 Vet­er­ans Blvd., Rogers No vi­o­la­tions.

Fo­er­ster Park Soc­cer Con­ces­sion

113 N. 4th St, Rogers No vi­o­la­tions.

Vet­er­ans Park Main Baseball Con­ces­sion

500 E. Vet­er­ans Park­way, Rogers Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Po­ten­tially haz­ardous foods did not have a date marked on them; food must have a date mark and be used or dis­carded af­ter seven days.

July 5 Bella Nita Bak­ery/Cafe

2836 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista No vi­o­la­tions.

WASH­ING­TON COUNTY June 29 Chipo­tle Mex­i­can Grill

3379 N. Col­lege Ave., Suite 1, Fayet­teville

No vi­o­la­tions.

Dooms­day Cof­fee

1378 N Col­lege Ave, Fayet­teville No vi­o­la­tions.

No­mad’s Mu­sic Lounge

1431 S. School Ave., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There was a cup of wa­ter in the kitchen with­out a lid; cups in the kitchen must have a lid to pre­vent con­tam­i­na­tion.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

Ozark Nat­u­ral Foods

1554 N. Col­lege Ave., Fayet­teville No vi­o­la­tions.

Emelia’s Kitchen

309 W. Dick­son St., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There is food not in the orig­i­nal pack­ag­ing that is miss­ing la­bels. Rice, tahini sauce and other items are stored in sin­gle-use plas­tic buck­ets when they should be in multi-use food con­tact sur­faces that can be san­i­tized. The cut­ting boards on the clean rack are worn and have deep cracks; cut­ting boards shall be smooth and eas­ily clean­able. Once cracks are ob­served, new boards shall be used. There is a hole in the wall be­hind the sink by dish­washer and is ex­pos­ing the in­su­la­tion and will be cov­ered with a smooth eas­ily clean­able sur­face.

Hil­ton Gar­den Inn

1325 N. Shiloh Drive, Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There was food not in the orig­i­nal pack­age for use in the es­tab­lish­ment that was not la­beled with the com­mon name of the food. There were sin­gle-ser­vice cups on the floor in the bar area that must be six inches off the floor; cans and bot­tles can be on the floor.

Wal-Mart Su­per­center - Deli/ Bak­ery

2875 Martin Luther King Blvd., Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There must be a sign or poster that tells em­ploy­ees to wash hands, and it must be clearly vis­i­ble. There were sin­gle-ser­vice items in the floor that were moved six inches off the floor.

Meiji Ja­panese Cui­sine

3878 N. Cross­over Road, Suite 8, Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: A food em­ployee wear­ing dis­pos­able gloves cracked raw shell eggs, then changed gloves to han­dle ready-to-eat food, but failed to wash hands be­tween glove change. Food em­ploy­ees and wait staff who were prepar­ing sal­ads were un­able to wash their hands us­ing the pro­ce­dure de­scribed in the Arkansas rules and reg­u­la­tions. Due to lack of hand wash­ing repair. Hand wash­ing sink in sushi prepa­ra­tion area lacks repair. The hand wash­ing sink in food prepa­ra­tion area lacks hot wa­ter; min­i­mum 100 de­gree tem­per­a­ture.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

June 30 Kiddie Cam­pus Child Care Cen­ter

2571 E Huntsville Road, Fayet­teville

Open­ing in­spec­tion

No vi­o­la­tions.

The Nines

546 W. Cen­ter St., Unit B, Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There must be a sign or poster that no­ti­fies food work­ers to wash their hands at all hand wash­ing sinks used by food work­ers and shall be clearly vis­i­ble to food work­ers; the bath­room needs a hand wash­ing sign.

Sun­set Grill & BBQ

3418 W. Sun­set Ave., Suite A, Spring­dale

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Em­ploy­ees are wear­ing gloves out of the kitchen and then re-en­ter­ing the kitchen to cook with­out glove chang­ing or hand wash­ing; hands shall be washed each time cooks re-en­ter the kitchen. Ware wash­ing ma­chine did not regis­ter san­i­ta­tion on the Clorox test­ing strip; ware wash­ing san­i­ta­tion shall be at 50-100 ppm. Diced ham in the walk-in cooler hold­ing at 43 de­grees and diced pota­toes were hold­ing at 41 de­grees; po­ten­tially haz­ardous foods shall be held cold at 41 de­grees or be­low. When us­ing time as a con­trol for omelet items the time must be marked on the items. The san­i­ta­tion bucket was not la­beled; chem­i­cals not in orig­i­nal con­tainer must be la­beled.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: The back door was open when it should be closed to pre­vent in­sects from en­ter­ing the es­tab­lish­ment. There is paint peel­ing be­hind the hand wash­ing sink.

Gar­den Room

215 W. Dick­son St., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Scoop han­dle must be kept out of the sugar when it is not be­ing used; dur­ing pauses in food prepa­ra­tion or dis­pens­ing, food prepa­ra­tion and dis­pens­ing uten­sils shall be stored in ac­cor­dance with estab­lish reg­u­la­tions.

July 5 Ozark Lanes Cafe

2300 B N. Col­lege Ave., Fayet­teville

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Food em­ploy­ees did not have hair nets.

Thai E-San

2334 N. Col­lege Ave., Fayet­teville Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Uten­sils used to dis­pense steamed rice and knives that were in be­tween uses were stored in con­tain­ers of wa­ter at 110 de­grees; the min­i­mum tem­per­a­ture is 135 de­grees.

Las Mar­gar­i­tas Mex­i­can Restau­rant

2313 W. Sun­set Ave., Spring­dale Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Beer cooler was hold­ing milk at 44 de­grees; po­ten­tially haz­ardous foods shall be held at 41 de­grees or be­low; milk was moved to a colder unit.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Pep­per and other spices in the kitchen lacked a cover; foods shall be cov­ered to pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal con­tam­i­na­tion. There were no chlo­rine test strips avail­able; test­ing strips for Clorox ware wash­ing ma­chine shall be avail­able to test the san­i­ta­tion lev­els of the ma­chine. Ceil­ing was re­paired and the scraps were stored in the cov­ered pa­tio by the front door.

Susan’s Restau­rant

1440 W. Sun­set Ave., Spring­dale Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Dishes shall be air dried be­fore plac­ing on shelves; dishes were on the shelf and not dried be­fore be­ing stacked to­gether. Clorox bleach spray bot­tle was stored over the flour; chem­i­cals shall be stored away from food. Uten­sils for cold sal­ads were next to raw chicken be­ing pre­pared; uten­sils shall be stored away from pos­si­ble con­tam­i­na­tion.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: All re­frig­er­a­tor units must have a ther­mome­ter; the re­frig­er­a­tor with spaghetti did not have one. Soda ma­chine noz­zles are dirty; non-food con­tact sur­faces shall be cleaned with a fre­quency to pre­vent buildup. Garbage lid was opened when it should be closed at all times.

Fam­ily Shop

4772 W. Sun­set Ave., Spring­dale Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: There was a cup with a lid that was on the cold hold­ing ta­ble; must dis­con­tinue con­sum­ing food and not have un­ap­proved bev­er­age con­tain­ers or use of to­bacco prod­ucts in food prepa­ra­tion of ware wash­ing area. In the walk-in cooler raw ground beef logs were stored above let­tuce and toma­toes; raw meat must be stored be­low ready-to-eat prod­ucts. Hot-hold­ing potato wedges and chicken ten­ders were at 115 de­grees; po­ten­tially haz­ardous foods shall be hot held at 135 de­grees or above.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

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