Woman is struck speech­less when told she talks too much

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Dear Abby: My hus­band and I went on a trip with his brother and his wife re­cently. Three days into the trip, while we were hav­ing din­ner at a restau­rant, my sis­ter-in-law yelled at me, “Shut up! You talk too much!” I was stunned. Then my hus­band said, “I agree with her.” Words can­not ex­press how sur­prised and hurt I felt.

I do some­times talk a lot when I’m ex­cited, but no one has ever said this to me, cer­tainly not my hus­band. The next day I felt very an­gry, es­pe­cially at my hus­band for sid­ing with her against me in public. I asked him to please tell me when we are alone if he has a prob­lem with some­thing I said or did, rather than em­bar­rass me. I feel be­trayed and an­gry. What should I do? — An­gry And Hurt

Dear An­gry And Hurt: Your feel­ings are jus­ti­fied. Your sis­ter-in-law may have been frus­trated at your ver­bosity, but she should not have at­tacked you at the din­ner ta­ble. Her “help­ful crit­i­cism” should have been of­fered pri­vately. The same is true about your hus­band, who should not have ganged up on you. What he did was hurt­ful, not help­ful. Both of them owe you an apol­ogy.

Dear Abby: My fi­ancee and I had a party. A very good friend of mine came with her 4-year-old daugh­ter, “Emma.” It grew late and my friend wanted to stay for a while, so we put Emma in our bed to sleep (the guest room was un­avail­able).

Af­ter go­ing up­stairs to get Emma later in the evening, my friend came down­stairs with Emma and told us that the child had wet our bed. Not want­ing to make Emma feel bad, we said it was no prob­lem.

My friend did not strip the bed, of­fer to wash the sheets, or any­thing. She hasn’t men­tioned it since, and didn’t fol­low up to make sure we were able to get the urine out of our bed­ding and the mat­tress. I find this to be in­cred­i­bly rude and in­con­sid­er­ate. Should I say some­thing to my friend, or let it go? — Ac­ci­dent In The Bed­room

Dear Ac­ci­dent: Let it go. You should have spo­ken up about your true feel­ings when the ac­ci­dent hap­pened. In the fu­ture, con­sider pur­chas­ing a mois­ture-re­sis­tant mat­tress cover for your bed and the one in the guest room in case of “ac­ci­dents.” It may re­duce the “ick” fac­tor.

Dear Abby: I have gone to my hair­dresser, “Adri­anna,” for reg­u­lar hair­cuts for about three years. How­ever, I’ve heard about an­other shop nearby that gives hair­cuts for half the price, and they seem to do a good job. Would it be dis­loyal of me to leave my cur­rent hair­dresser? — Half The Price In Cal­i­for­nia

Dear Half The Price: Adri­anna would prob­a­bly feel that way, but you are free to give it a try. How­ever, I’ll of­fer one caveat be­fore you do: Peo­ple usu­ally get what they pay for, so don’t burn any bridges.

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