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The Arkansas Oil and Gas Com­mis­sion last week is­sued 3 drilling per­mits, 1 well com­ple­tions, and 3 well re­com­ple­tions. By county, they were: DRILLING PER­MITS

COLUMBIA — Munoco Co. L.C. of El Do­rado for Ras­berry No. 1 to TVD: 5,700 ft. and MD: 5,700 ft. in Pet­tet Form. of Chaly­beat Springs Fld. Loc. SHL: 500 ft. FEL & 1,700 ft. FSL of Sec. 33-19S-19W. Con­trac­tor: Sewell Drilling Co. LLC; work be­gan July 11.

OUA­CHITA — Lan­g­ley, Jerry Oil Co. LLC of Smack­over for Deltic No. 2 to TVD: 3,000 ft. and MD: 3,000 ft. in Blos­som Form. of Smack­over Fld. Loc. SHL: 2,400 ft. FNL & 280 ft. FWL of Sec. 36-15S-17W. Con­trac­tor: Sewell Drilling Co. LLC; work be­gan Aug. 3.

UNION — Great Lakes Chem­i­cal Corp of El Do­rado for Lanxess No. 1 to TVD: 8,950 ft. and MD: 8,950 ft. in Smack­over Form. of Wild­cat Fld. Loc. SHL: 2,014 ft. FSL & 2,542 ft. FEL of Sec. 29-19S-15W. Con­trac­tor: Reliance Well Ser­vice; al­ready drilled. WELL COM­PLE­TIONS

COLUMBIA — Betsy Pro­duc­tion Co. Inc. of Magnolia for B Gun­nels No. 1, 24-hr. prod. not avail­able in Dry Hole Form. of Vil­lage Fld. Drilled to TD: 7,225 ft., perf. not avail­able ft. Loc. 987 ft. FSL & 2,068 ft. FWL of Sec. 14-17S-19W. Com­pleted June 30.


CON­WAY — Seeco LLC. of Spring for Green Bay Pack­ag­ing No. 09-15 3-18H19, 24-hr. prod. not avail­able in Fayet­teville Form. of B-43 Fld. Drilled to TD: 8,636 ft., perf. 4,220-8,524 OA ft. Loc. SHL: 761 ft. FSL & 976 ft. FWL and BHL: 4,155 ft. FNL & 1,556 ft. FWL of Sec. 18-9N-15W. Workover done April 19.

Seeco LLC. for James Guinn No. 09-15 7-25H24, 24-hr. prod. not avail­able in Fayet­teville Form. of B-43 Fld. Drilled to TD: 9,922 ft., perf. 4,2709,810 OA ft. Loc. SHL: 1,495 ft. FNL & 1,613 ft. FEL and BHL: 494 ft. FNL & 1,834 ft. FEL of Sec. 25-9N-15W. Workover done May 9.

Seeco LLC. for Ralph Bryant No. 09-14 11-16H21, 24-hr. prod. not avail­able in Fayet­teville Form. of B-43 Fld. Drilled to TD: 8,276 ft., perf. 4,1858,182 OA ft. Loc. SHL: 791 ft. FSL & 2,347 ft. FEL and BHL: 1,682 ft. FSL & 1,976 ft. FWL of Sec. 16-9N-14W. Workover done March 20, 2014.


Loc. — lo­ca­tion; Perf. — per­fo­ra­tions; FEL — from the east line; FNL — from the north line; FSL — from the south line; FWL — from the west line; FEUL — from the east unit line; FWUL — from the west unit line; FNUL — from the north unit line; FSUL — from the south unit line; MCF — thou­sand cu­bic feet; bbl — bar­rel; MD — mea­sured depth; TD — to­tal depth; TVD — true ver­ti­cal depth; PBTD — plug back to­tal depth; BHL — bot­tom hole lo­ca­tion; PBHL — pro­posed bot­tom hole lo­ca­tion; SHL — sur­face hole lo­ca­tion; OA — over­all; N/A — not avail­able.

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