Politi­cians need to find an­other way

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I have no­ticed that in po­lit­i­cal lean­ings many peo­ple tend to de­fine them­selves as ei­ther conservatives or lib­er­als, de­pend­ing along which party’s view they most closely align. I pre­scribe to a third al­ter­na­tive — a mod­er­ate. We mod­er­ates are loathed and called fence-strad­dlers by those at both ends of the po­lit­i­cal spec­trum. Those with ex­treme views tend to take an al­lor-noth­ing ap­proach and ex­ert a lot of time and en­ergy cat­e­go­riz­ing any­one who does not fully agree with them as an mo­ronic im­be­cile.

While it would be pre­sump­tu­ous of me to speak on be­half of all mod­er­ates, al­low me to share the opin­ion of this mod­er­ate on a few is­sues.

I be­lieve that ev­ery­one should be en­ti­tled proper health care. I be­lieve that the med­i­cal in­dus­try, and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies in par­tic­u­lar, are tak­ing ad­van­tage of the Amer­i­can con­sumer and that many physi­cians are au­tho­riz­ing un­nec­es­sary pro­ce­dures as a source of in­come sim­ply be­cause they are cov­ered by in­sur­ance or Medi­care.

I be­lieve that ev­ery­one who can work should. Pro­grams such as wel­fare and dis­abil­ity were cre­ated to as­sist those who were not phys­i­cally able to with­stand the rig­ors of a job. Our gov­ern­ment has al­lowed these pro­grams to be­come fraught with abuse and fraud.

I be­lieve that all work­ers should be paid an ad­e­quate wage by which they could sup­port them­selves and fam­ily. Not only would this boost their self-es­teem and re­store pride, it would al­low them to con­trib­ute to the fi­nan­cial health and well-be­ing of their com­mu­nity.

I be­lieve that pol­i­tics should not be a ca­reer op­tion. That was not the in­ten­tion of our Found­ing Fa­thers. Cor­rup­tion runs ram­pant through all lev­els of gov­ern­ment by elected of­fi­cials who are more in­tent on their self-in­ter­est than the wishes of their con­stituents or the good of our coun­try.

Don’t ex­pect to read fre­quent emails, tweets or Face­book posts from mod­er­ates beat­ing them­selves on the chest and ex­tolling how right they are. As a gen­eral rule, we are open to hear­ing a va­ri­ety of ideas and gath­er­ing as much in­for­ma­tion as pos­si­ble be­fore com­ing to an in­formed opin­ion. While we may not al­ways agree, we re­spect the rights of oth­ers to ex­press their views and hope that they will be tol­er­ant of ours. RUS­SELL GAYER


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