Dec­i­mated the masses

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It’s ob­vi­ous that profit-driven peo­ple would re­sent a gov­ern­ment health-care plan and pub­lic ed­u­ca­tion. How­ever, there is one thing a coun­try needs for sur­vival, and that’s an ed­u­cated, healthy work force, which a gov­ern­ment should pro­vide. Don’t al­low de­sire for profit de­stroy our re­pub­lic.

When some­one tells you “let the mar­ket take care of it,” run the other way. Any Econ stu­dent can tell you we haven’t had tra­di­tional com­pe­ti­tion in this coun­try for a long time. Ad­min­is­tered pric­ing is du jour, mean­ing pric­ing is no longer con­sumer-based, but what­ever the head hon­chos want to charge, such as with Dara­prim/Shkreli.

I’m al­most 80 years old and we now pay the high­est prices for the poor­est-qual­ity prod­ucts I’ve ever seen, and the rich get richer. Trans­fer of wealth is a two-way street, and most is go­ing from the bot­tom to the top.

Jobs are not go­ing to re­turn to the United States, as Sen. John McCain told us when he ran for pres­i­dent. Com­pa­nies are not go­ing to sell their fa­cil­i­ties and leave work­ers they have trained to come back, re­gard­less of tax breaks and dereg­u­la­tion. There’s global com­pe­ti­tion to think about, and they won’t be back.

While the masses were dis­tracted by so­cial is­sues such as abor­tion, gay mar­riage and putting the Ten Com­mand­ments on pub­lic grounds, big busi­ness was dec­i­mat­ing the mid­dle class. MIL­LIE FOREE Bella Vista

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