Char­i­ta­ble groups’ so­lic­i­ta­tions go too far

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - - EDITORIAL PAGE -

A word of ad­vice to all char­i­ta­ble or­ga­ni­za­tions: Do not send me any more cal­en­dars. I re­ceived 10 to 12 of them last year, and have al­ready got­ten about four this year, and it’s only July. The same ap­plies to re­turn ad­dress la­bels. How many do they think the av­er­age per­son can use in a year, be­sides the fact that peo­ple don’t write per­sonal let­ters any­more? This is such a waste of pa­per, postage and print­ing costs.

The other prac­tice I’d like to ad­dress is these or­ga­ni­za­tions send­ing their thank yous for a pre­vi­ous do­na­tion, then in­clud­ing an­other re­quest for more money and an en­ve­lope to send it in! When I give a de­cent con­tri­bu­tion (more than just $5 or $10), I don’t ex­pect them to be re­quest­ing even more in their next mail­ing. This just makes me ques­tion whether I want to con­tinue do­nat­ing to that or­ga­ni­za­tion at all!


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