Road­side her­bi­cides

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I am a res­i­dent of Pope County. Re­cently I have no­ticed along the road­ways that I travel daily the ugly scene of brown, dy­ing trees and veg­e­ta­tion on the sides of the road. At first I thought it was due to the heat and lack of rain that we have had. But I then re­al­ized that all the trees and veg­e­ta­tion that is dead along the roads is a re­sult of a pow­er­ful her­bi­cide that has been sprayed be­neath the power lines by En­tergy to kill it all.

What hap­pens now? The veg­e­ta­tion dies, so there is noth­ing to con­trol the ero­sion. We have more deadly chem­i­cals con­tam­i­nat­ing the ground. We the public, in­stead of see­ing green lush ar­eas along the road, will have to look at the dead brown trees, bushes, and grasses. Will En­tergy come back and re­move the dead veg­e­ta­tion and re­plant some­thing else? I doubt it. We will be forced to look at all of this un­til it rots and goes away, and how long will that take? For a few years our county judge did the same thing to the ditches in my area. This caused dam­age to the ditches in front of our homes, with ero­sion and dam­age to our prop­er­ties. Thank­fully he stopped this prac­tice and now just has the ditches mowed.

Our planet is full of enough pol­lu­tion and chem­i­cals be­ing put in the ground; we didn’t need this. The trees have al­ways just been trimmed back away from the power lines when needed. Why do this now? Tell En­tergy to stop this prac­tice! Hope­fully the rest of you won’t have to en­dure this. Speak out. KIM HILL Dover

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