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DEAR HELOISE: When I travel, I take a night light with me, but I some­times for­get to pack it in my suit­case at the end of my stay and bring it home. On my last trip, I took two bat­tery-op­er­ated, flame­less tea lights. I put one in the bath­room and one by my bed. They worked per­fectly. Enough light to see, light­weight, easy to pack, and if you for­get them, they’re in­ex­pen­sive enough to re­place.

— Dianne F., Ojai, Calif. DEAR READ­ERS: Dianne, as an ex­pe­ri­enced trav­eler, I have to say this is a great idea. I’ll use this sug­ges­tion on my next trip.

DEAR HELOISE: I have an over­abun­dance of plas­tic con­tain­ers from such things as yo­gurt, cot­tage cheese, etc. I would like to know if you have any sug­ges­tions as to what to do with them, rather than just throw­ing them out.

— S.J., Hous­ton, Miss. DEAR READER: S.J., I’m a firm be­liever in re­cy­cling. If you check on­line or in the Yel­low Pages, you prob­a­bly can find re­cy­cling cen­ters near you. How­ever, you might want to keep a few to store things in­side or to use as con­tain­ers for leftovers. Some plas­tic con­tain­ers are great for freez­ing and stor­ing one or two serv­ings of stew, chili, soup, etc.

DEAR HELOISE: Our grand­son was quite young when he was di­ag­nosed as be­ing al­ler­gic to peanuts/nuts, but he was old enough to un­der­stand that red traf­fic lights meant stop. We took ad­van­tage of this and put foods con­tain­ing nuts in red con­tain­ers or red serv­ing dishes. We re­minded him that red means “stop,” and that he shouldn’t eat it. This worked for us with Hal­loween candy, Christ­mas good­ies and ev­ery­day snacks.

— K.J., Sioux City, Iowa DEAR READ­ERS: K.J., this is a very good idea. You also can find red, self- ad­he­sive price stick­ers at any of­fice-sup­ply store and use them on pack­aged foods that con­tain nuts.

DEAR HELOISE: My so­lu­tion to dou­ble dip­ping at the chip-dip bowl is to do one of two things:

Place a spoon in the salsa or other dip so peo­ple can put a nice amount of the dip­ping sauce on a plate.

Have dip al­ready in small cups, suit­able for gen­er­ous dip­ping, so all they have to do is pick up the cup and put it on their plate. — Lisa Z., The Vil­lages, Fla.

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