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DEAR HELOISE: I love to look stylish, but I don’t have a lot of money. Do you have any hints to help?

— Mary T. in Illi­nois DEAR READER: It’s great to look “pulled to­gether,” and even bet­ter when you can do it on a bud­get. Here are some hints for you:

Low-key col­ors for cloth­ing are best. Shock­ing pink and or­ange aren’t sub­tle or re­fined; black, navy, buff, ivory and white are more el­e­gant. Along those same lines, loud prints and pat­terns are too busy-look­ing.

Min­i­mize gaudy jew­elry. Wear a few qual­ity pieces: A sim­ple watch, a sig­na­ture ban­gle bracelet, a sparkly pair of di­a­mond or zir­co­nia stud ear­rings and a stylish strand of pearls are good ba­sics for a jew­elry wardrobe.

Stylish peo­ple rarely fol­low trends in cloth­ing. Their wardrobe pieces are clas­sic, well-made and time­less. This in­cludes shoes.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to look like you have a lot of money. Keep your clothes tai­lored, and make sure they fit prop­erly.

Don’t overdo it. Sub­tlety is key.

DEAR HELOISE: To make va­ca­tion preparation eas­ier and less stress­ful, I cre­ated a spread­sheet with two col­umns. The first column is a list of things I need to take: Elec­tron­ics, tick­ets, per­sonal-hy­giene items, etc.

The other column is for things I need to do: Ad­just the ther­mo­stat, stop the mail, no­tify the neigh­bors, etc.

When it’s time to get ready, I print out my spread­sheet, add to or delete from the lists as nec­es­sary, and I feel as­sured that I am not for­get­ting any­thing. — John G., In­di­ana

DEAR HELOISE: Many doc­tors’ of­fices re­quest that pa­tients not wear per­fume or cologne dur­ing their ap­point­ments. Such scents can cause al­ler­gic re­ac­tions in those so af­flicted.

— Karen M., via email

DEAR HELOISE: I want to pass on a hint for all of the loose-change-sav­ing readers. Be­fore you bring your change to the bank, please check to see if it ac­cepts coins, and how the bank would like to re­ceive them.

The bank I work for ac­cepts only loose coins. If you bring them in rolled, we have to un­roll them to run the coins through the count­ing ma­chine.

Save your­self a lot of time: Check be­fore you roll!

— Mary S., In­di­ana

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