Old House Journal : 2020-06-09

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Resources Marvin SUCCESS! BOOKS Architectu­ral columns &components CABINETS WINDOWS Adams Architectu­ral The Window Sash Bible pp. 64–65 Modern Design Cabinetry, ROOF PREP & REPAIR GCP Millwork History, decisions, repair options, traditiona­l techniques, and DIY; well done and extremely detailed. TILE Grace Ice & Water Shield roof underlayme­nt FIELD TILE Preservati­on Prod- Original Style Avalon ucts FLOORING LIGHTING House of Antique Hardware Old Windows Made Easy: The Simple Way to Repair Wood Windows Elastomeri­c membrane & protective coatings Specificat­ion Chemicals Armstrong Flat & metal-roof repairs & underlayme­nts REFRIGERAT­OR West WALLPAPER FRIEZE Antique Appliances, System Marine epoxies good for wood restoratio­n Basic, step-by-step instructio­ns for do-it-yourselfer­s. MODERN Bradbury & FREEZER DRAWERS MODERN DISHWASHER DRAWERS WALL PAINT SubZero ROOFING/GUTTERS Bartile Bradbury Old Windows In Depth: The Complete Window Restoratio­n Handbook Slate, cedar shake, barrel, S-tile look-alikes in concrete Bosch DESIGNING DECKS Bridger Steel AZEK p. 24 Benjamin Standing seam metal roofing & siding panels Cellular PVC decking An update on the previous book with many more comprehens­ive tutorials, from wood restoratio­n to weatherstr­ipping. Moore Classic ARCHITECT p. 25 Gutter Systems Eifler & Associates, Related Resource Period-appropriat­e gutter systems Elmira Stoveworks Greenstone Slate Working Windows, A Guide to the Repair and Restoratio­n of Wood Windows Related Resources Antique reproducti­ons Vermont slate with easy-install system Archadeck Tropical hardwood; composite decking Cellular PVC deck- Sheldon Slate GARAGES TOUR Products ARCHITECT Frank AZEK California Redwood Associatio­n pp. 68–9 Architectu­ral slate from New York, Vermont, Maine Good advice, from disassembl­y to painting, with a dose of humor. Shirley Architects, ing Tamko Building Resources for building with redwood Products Asphalt & ROOFING BRACKETS Duralife W.F. Norman Save America’s Windows steel roofing shingles Original 1908 line of roof shingles in galvanized steel, copper Blue Anchor Decking Woodworks DOORS Fine- Composite decking, railings Pergolas, Hands-on guide to traditiona­l & high-tech materials,techniques. Coastal House Woodworkin­g, LWO WoodWay treillage PAVING FIREPLACE TILE Related Resources Related Resources Solid wood decking & parts for decks Resources for building Tile Showcase WOOD EPOXIES Abatron Real Cedar CUSTOM WINDOWS BEADBOARD Adams Architectu­ral Wood Millwork Epoxies & compounds for repairing wood & other materials CABINETS Western Spindle with cedar Replicatio­n of historical­ly accurate windows & doors Coastal Woodworkin­g Cumar Craftsmen Hard- Donald Durham Company Spindles, railings in Port Orford cedar & Douglas fir SOAPSTONE BAR HARDWARE Architectu­ral Components Putty for wood, West System Epoxy plaster repair ware KITCHEN + BATH Versatile twopart, marine-grade epoxy Custom wood windows, doors, millwork OVERHEAD LIGHTING Tech DESIGN Frank Shirley Archi- Vintage Millwork Restoratio­n Lighting tects, DOORS IDC KNOW- HOW: WINDOWS Custom doors, windows, architectu­ral elements p. 70 Doors ONLINE CONTRACTOR Landmark BUILDER John Kraemer & Sons, Preservati­on Brief 9: The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows Services, STORM WINDOWS DOORS DESIGN Allied Window Cambek David Heide Design Studio, TIN CEILING American Tin Ceil- ing Co. Arch Angle Windows & Doors BACKSPLASH TILE Ann Sacks Preservati­on background, evaluation, maintenanc­e, stabilizat­ion, splicing and replacing parts, weatherizi­ng, resources. Downloadab­le PDF in the public domain. DESIGN TEA2 p. 71 Architects, COUNTERS FLOORING CABINET PAINT Cumar Indow Windows BOOK Garage, Reinventin­g the Place We Park Innerglass Window Systems Marvin Custom glass DOORS DOORS Garaga Real Window Preservati­on Alliance PENDANT LIGHTS interior storms Carriage Door Co. MYTHIC REVIVAL Find direct links to government publicatio­ns, white papers, regional guides, reports and studies, excellent self-published books. PORCH ROOFS EXTERIOR PAINT DESIGN The Bungalow CONTRACTOR­S Full Circa Inc., p. 72 Company, DESIGN Glazing and Painting Wood Sashes Exterior/interior historic restoratio­n David Heide Design Studio, Mark Sauer Constructi­on, Benjamin Moore Historic DESIGN Wai/Gorny Design Inc., DEC.-PAINT CONSULTANT Downloadab­le PDF restoratio­n, contractin­g VIDEO INSTRUCTIO­N PORCH PARTS & MILLWORK EverGreene Architectu­ral Arts GARAGE DOORS University of Colorado–Denver: Aeratis Porch decking, ceiling from realistic composites See page 73. REPRO. LIGHTING House of Antique Hardware American Porch Master carpenter Kevin Murray on the repair of old windows, Part One. Related Resources Components in wood or polyuretha­ne; exact replicas Cellular PVC for DOOR HARDWARE Acorn ManuCoasta­l Kayne facturing Bronze & Son RW Hardware Snug Cottage Hardware Related Resource AZEK Vintage Hardware & Lighting Chadsworth Part Two. millwork CONTRACTOR­S Decorative and structural columns in wood, fiberglass, Polystone Window Preservati­on Alliance Directory FOREVER HOUSE Coppa Woodworkin­g EXTERIOR PAINT Window help from Connecticu­t to California Screened DECORATIVE MILLWORK ProWood Market porch panels Architectu­ral Components Benja- Window Woman of New England Brackets, corbels, etc., in solid wood Three-season modular porch systems min Moore APEX Constructi­on Management LLC, Vixen Interior/exterior, on-site tune-up and repair services; full restoratio­n in workshop. Chadsworth ProWood Market BUILDER Hill Vintage Pain in the Glass Woodworks WINDOWS Steve Jordan, the Rochester, N.Y., contractor who wrote the book. Porch parts in wood & synthetic materials Worthingto­n 79 slate.com tamko.com wfnorman.com sheldonsla­te.com cedar.com archadeck.com azek.com calredwood.org duralifede­cking.com finehouse.net products.com ernspindle.com woodway real west abatron.com waterputty.com westsystem.com by Terry Meany; Lyons Press, 2008: bookstores or amazon.com by John Leeke, 2009: historicho­meworks. com Cambridge, MA: frankshirl­eyarchitec­ts.com red cedar custom; fabricator baww.com custom; fabricator Peabody, MA: (978) granite cobbles 532-8996 tileshowca­se.com fir custom; fabricator (above) cumar.com craftsmenh­ardware.com techlighti­ng.com (clockwise) idc-automatic.com • Edina, MN: jkandsons.com cambek.com • MN: dhdstudio.com (clockwise) Mpls., MN: tea2 architects.com • Mpls, by Kira Obolensky, Taunton Press: amazon.com • garaga.com • realcarria­ge doors.com (top) Bend, OR: thebungalo­w company.com • (ctr.) Mpls., MN: dhdstudio.com • (bottom) Stanwood, WA: waigorny.com american shop.col by John Leeke historicho­me works.com/digital-downloads youtube.com/ watch?v=hg3NbpEkGm­o youtube.com/ watch?v=QjtEtQINth­k windowpres­ervation alliance.org/directory window-woman.com painintheg­lass.us adamsarch.com architectu­ralcompone­ntsinc. com vintagemil­lwork restoratio­n.com alliedwind­ow.com “Invisible” interior panels archangleo­hio.com Specialtys­hape storm windows and doors indowwindo­rs.com Interior window inserts stormwindo­ws.com red, Onondaga Clay 1204; dark green, Artichoke 2141-10; light green (porch roof), Mistletoe 474; rust (wall trim), Cimarron 2093-10 benjaminmo­ore.com evergreene.com houseof antiquehar­dware.com vintagehar­dware.com body Beauport Green; trim Glove White; storm windows Arapaho Acres benjaminmo­ore.com St. Paul, MN: apexdesign­build.com ‘Ultimate’ double-hung wood, wood screens and chrome Cambridge, MA: frank shirleyarc­hitects.com Wellesley, MA: landmarkse­rvices.com americanti­nceilings.com annsacks.com cumar.com hickory wood Black Pepper marvin.com by homeowner, unknown by John H. Myers, Technical Preservati­on Services of the National Park Service: nps.gov windowpres­ervational­liance.org Portland, OR: fullcircin­c.com Corona, CA: msauer.com aeratis.com porch.com azek.com umns.com coppawoodw­orking.com prowoodmar­ket.com vixenhill.com vintagewoo­dworks.com worthing acornmfg.com coastal bronze.com custom forgedhard­ware.com rwhardware.com snugcottag­e hardware.com architectu­ralcompone­ntsinc.com shop.columns.com prowoodmar­ket.com bridger classicgut­ters.com greenstone by Scott Sidler, 2014: thecrafts manstore.com or amazon.com by Scott Sidler, 2018: thecraftsm­anstore.com, amazon. com hardware works.com marvin.com Troy Eiden, Cologne, MN: moderndesi­gn cabinetry.com 3x6 White avalonfloo­ring.com Standard Excelon Imperial vinyl compositio­n tile, 12x12 cut to 6X6 armstrong flooring.com Clayton, GA: antiqueapp­liances.com subzero-wolf.com bosch.hom.com/us Rushing River 1574 benjaminmo­ore.com elmirastov­e adamsarch.com Palmerston 36-tile set with Shaftsbury border originalst­yle.com houseofant­ique hardware.com ‘Peacock’ parlor frieze (discontinu­ed; see ‘Peacock Briar’) bradbury.com azek.com John Eifler, Chicago: eiflerasso­ciates.com tonmillwor­k.com com spec-chem.com westsystem.com roofingbar­tile.com steel.com gcpat. preservati­onproducts.com by Steve Jordan, 2015: amazon.com

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