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To­day’s deal is from the Kay Plat­inum Pairs, con­tested re­cently with an in­ter­na­tional field in Philadel­phia. East was Nor­we­gian star Espen Lindqvist.

North-South put on the brakes ac­cu­rately in three hearts. A spade lead or early shift would have de­feated the con­tract eas­ily, but West can hardly be faulted for his di­a­mond lead. South won the open­ing lead with dummy’s ace and led the jack of hearts to West’s king.

A spade shift would have been a win­ner, but that looked dan­ger­ous to West, who con­tin­ued with the king of di­a­monds, ruffed by South. A heart went to West’s ace and an­other di­a­mond was ruffed by South.

South drew the last out­stand­ing trump with his queen and led a low club to dummy’s seven — a good play. East won with the queen and shifted to a spade, but was it too late? De­clarer won the shift with his ace and led the 10 of clubs, ducked in dummy and also ducked, bril­liantly, by Lindqvist!

De­clarer was con­vinced that West had started with the king-nine-five-four of clubs and led a club to dummy’s jack ex­pect­ing to bring home an over­trick and then give his part­ner a mock lec­ture about not bid­ding enough.

To his hor­ror, Lindqvist won with his king of clubs and led an­other spade. South won this with his king, but there was no en­try to the club win­ner in dummy. De­clarer had to sur­ren­der a spade trick and fin­ished down one. Great play!

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