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Pack­ers beat writer Ryan Wood an­swered ques­tions from read­ers Mon­day, fol­low­ing Green Bay’s win over the New York Gi­ants. Read the com­plete tran­script at json­­ers.

Q: Will the Pack­ers have a new GM this time next year?

A: I’m still sort of lean­ing to­ward “no,” but it’s just a guess for any­one right now. I don’t think any­body knows. Maybe not even Mark Mur­phy.

Q: What would you say to give a pes­simistic Pack­ers fan hope for a win on Sun­day?

A: The Pack­ers pro­file ex­actly like a team that gets hot at the right time and can’t be stopped in the play­offs. We’ve seen it hap­pen many years. Heck, the Pack­ers have seen it hap­pen to them in the past. Doesn’t mean they will make a run to the Su­per Bowl, but they’re the team no­body wants to play right now. That should give you some hope.

Q: My question is what is the weak­ness of the Dal­las de­fense that the Pack­ers on of­fense can ex­ploit?

A: Well, they’re 1st in rush­ing de­fense, 26th vs. the pass. So I’d start there. The good thing about what Aaron Rodgers did to the Gi­ants sec­ondary yes­ter­day is the Cow­boys sec­ondary isn’t nearly as good. You would think his hot play will con­tinue.

Q: I ac­tu­ally liked the call to go for it on fourth and 1. Too of­ten MM has played too con­ser­va­tive. I like the guts. I just hated the play call. Spread them out and qb sneak or run rip. Or boot­leg and get AR on the edge. But don’ t play smash mouth football that doesn’t work. Thoughts?

A: I’m not averse to go­ing for it on fourth down. Again, the is­sue was there wasn’t much re­ward. Even if you con­vert, you still haven’t even crossed mid­field. Your de­fense is con­trol­ling the game, you have an 8-point lead in the sec­ond half, and you can pin a bad Gi­ants de­fense deep. That’s what needs to be done.

Q: If Beck­ham catches half the throws he had a shot at and Cook catches the pass be­fore the Hail Mary that would have ended the half the Pack­ers are down quite a bit . Maybe 14-7 or worse. They should be lucky some things went their way early or the out­come may have been very dif­fer­ent.

A: Well, yeah. Wel­come to the play­offs. That’s how it goes. I seem to re­mem­ber an on­side kick re­cov­ery in Seat­tle two years ago. Luck is a real part of any play­off run.

Q: I’m wor­ried about Ja­son Wit­ten, (Dal­las’ ) TE. He’s their go-to guy. Your thoughts?

A: I think you’ll see Mor­gan Bur­nett on Ja­son Wit­ten, and that could be a good matchup both ways. Re­mem­ber, Bur­nett had that in­ter­cep­tion against Jimmy Gra­ham against Seat­tle. And Wit­ten, of course, is a fu­ture Hall of Famer. It’ll be fun to watch.

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