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Af­ter watch­ing Sun­day’s opener against the Sea­hawks, I’m won­der­ing what all the hype was about re­gard­ing our up tempo, high-pow­ered, pro­lific of­fense. This of course, was premised on McCarthy’s ge­nius play­call­ing, the most lauded quar­ter­back in the NFL, and sup­pos­edly the best tan­dem of re­ceivers in the league.

Yeah yeah, I know the Sea­hawks have a great de­fense, but Big Mikes play-call­ing and Rodgers’ great fear of mak­ing a mis­take only made them (the Sea­hawks) look much bet­ter than they re­ally are.

Af­ter ex­haust­ing (I’m as­sum­ing) film study in the off-sea­son, did Mc- Carthy and our of­fen­sive brain trust re­ally not see what was com­ing? Just once it would be nice to see McCarthy ac­tu­ally ob­serve what is hap­pen­ing on the field and make “calls” or “ad­just­ments” to take ad­van­tage. Isn’t that what coach­ing is all about?

Any­one can put to­gether a list of plays on a lam­i­nated clip­board and or­der in the next play. You have Aaron Rodgers and the best re­ceivers in the game and your game plan strat­egy is to throw 5 and 7 yard passes with de­fend­ers all over their backs (let’s see how long they can stay off of the IR)?

The only time that you throw the ball down the field is if it’s a “free play” be­cause some­one is off­sides or there are 12 de­fen­sive men on the field? Rodgers is vir­tu­ally crushed in the pocket on ev­ery play and you don’t roll him out or call more than 2 screen plays? If you are inside your own 20, you are con­tent with 3 run­ning plays (es­pe­cially with 8 or 9 guys in the box – they know what’s com­ing) and a punt? Is the only run­ning play that you have de­signed off tackle? Does Mike even know what a jet sweep is?

I guess you call it “con­ser­va­tive play-call­ing” or “play­ing not to lose”. Maybe Mike can watch some Pa­triot or Fal­cons game film to see what is re­ally pos­si­ble. Be­cause, I would love to see this team play­ing to its fullest po­ten­tial and hav­ing some fun!

Yes, I know we won the game. But mi­nus sev­eral bad calls against the Sea­hawks de­fense, a rare Wilson fum­ble and a de­fense that over­achieved (nice work guys!) and we lose.

We caught a break this time. But, with Mike’s pre­dictable and non­cre­ative play-call­ing, Rodgers be­ing stuck in the pocket and fear­ful of throw­ing an in­ter­cep­tion or throw­ing the ball down the field, it will all catch up with us soon. As soon as… next week against the Fal­cons.

Bored to death. Gregory J. Molle Eden Prairie, Minn.

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