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Pack­ers beat writer Ryan Wood an­swered ques­tions from read­ers Monday, a day after Green Bay’s vic­tory over Dal­las. Read the tran­script at www.json­­ers.

Q: In­ter­est­ing to see how (Mike McCarthy) uses (Aaron) Jones and (Ty) Mont­gomery when Mont­gomery re­turns. Re­minds me a bit of 1996 when you had both Edgar Ben­nett (a solid up­field run­ner) cou­pled with Dorsey Levens (fluid run­ning style, great hands as a re­ceiver). How do you see the two split­ting reps?

A: A lot like you just men­tioned. Ty Mont­gomery isn’t go­ing any­where, but the Pack­ers have needed to com­ple­ment him with a con­ven­tional run­ning back. It’s only one game, but think they might have found some­thing with Aaron Jones. What he showed yes­ter­day was an ideal fit with Mont­gomery’s du­althreat play style. Q: Was the fi­nal play (lat­eral) blown dead at some point? That was a strange se­quence with (Nick) Perry just drop­ping the ball stand­ing there it seemed like play was still live?

A: It looked like a lot of peo­ple were con­fused, and the Pack­ers were for­tu­nate it didn’t cost them the game. Q: Is it just me, or is (Blake) Martinez play­ing some con­sis­tently good foot­ball this year? A: It is not just you. Q: Ryan, how does play­ing call­ing work in a crit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion like yes­ter­day at Dal­las — in the red zone, 11 sec­onds left on the clock — do the plays come in from the side­line or does Aaron (Rodgers) call the shots? Sounds like Da­vante (Adams) said “Let’s do it again.” How is it sup­posed to work?

A: Aaron Rodgers said he was call­ing the last few plays on the fi­nal drive. He was the mae­stro. Q: Have run­ning backs be­come the brake pads of the NFL... find a rookie, run him hard for a few years, then dump him and move on? A: Like 10 years ago, yes. Q: What is in­volved in the con­cus­sion pro­to­col?

A: It’s a rig­or­ous slate of tests that com­pare cog­ni­tive func­tions after a con­cus­sion to the base­line when a per­son is not con­cussed. In or­der to clear, a player needs to pass those tests by re­turn­ing to his pre-con­cussed cog­ni­tive func­tion­ing level. Q: Hope the Vik­ings or Saints do not prove to be “trap games” .... I imag­ine MM will keep the guys fo­cused in one game at a time men­tal­ity, agreed?

A: McCarthy has re­ally ham­mered home play­ing well in the sea­son’s sec­ond quar­ter, prob­a­bly pre­cisely for that rea­son. So that should help. Q: Vik­ings have a far bet­ter over­all de­fense than Dal­las. How will AR at­tack it?

A: You’re right, Vik­ings are al­most an in­verse of Dal­las. Great de­fense, blah of­fense. They’ll es­pe­cially miss Dalvin Cook. An­other good road chal­lenge.


Ezekiel El­liott throws a lat­eral pass as Quin­ten Rollins gives chase in the fi­nal sec­onds of the game Sun­day.

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