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Pack­ers beat writer Ryan Wood an­swered ques­tions from read­ers Mon­day, a day af­ter Green Bay’s 22-0 vic­tory over the Buf­falo Bills at Lam­beau Field. Read the tran­script at json­line.com/pack­ers.

Q: Are Mc­Carthy’s game plans on of­fense get­ting stale and / or pre­dictable?

A: You know what I saw yes­ter­day? Poor ex­e­cu­tion. Five drops. Bad turnovers. I don’t know how good or bad the game plan was, but I do know it wasn’t ex­e­cuted well. And no game plan has a chance with­out ex­e­cu­tion. Just how I saw it dur­ing the game.

Q: Hi Ryan, some peo­ple are up­set Rodgers made some veiled crit­i­cisms of Mc­Carthy’s of­fen­sive game plan. They think it should only be said be­hind closed doors. My guess is he has surely done that to no avail and this was his way of try­ing to force Mc­Carthy’s hand. What say you?

A: If there’s a rift be­tween Aaron Rodgers and Mike Mc­Carthy, I’m sure it’s no se­cret to ei­ther party. I’m never go­ing to crit­i­cize an ath­lete for speak­ing his mind. Since, you know, that kinda helps me do my job.

Q: Mr. Wood your com­ments on the Rodger­sMcCarthy rift.

A: So, here we go. I think it’s a byprod­uct of two mas­sive egos — and right­fully mas­sive egos, to be sure — be­ing to­gether too long. As our colum­nist Pete Dougherty wrote, they al­ways chalk it up to creative fric­tion. At what point is it sim­ply two ta­lented peo­ple who can’t get on the same page? Are we at that point now? I’m not sure we can an­swer the sec­ond ques­tion yet, but we’re at least get­ting close to con­sid­er­ing the pos­si­bil­ity. Is it still pos­si­ble for them to turn their re­la­tion­ship around? I sup­pose it is. But in or­der to stay con­nected, they’re go­ing to have to. It’ll be in­ter­est­ing to see the dam­age con­trol from this. If their re­la­tion­ship can be sal­vaged, would think it has to start to­day.

Q: Per­son­ally, I’ve al­ways be­lieved our weak­nesses over the years were more per­son­nel than coach­ing... but I get a kick out of the love/hate re­la­tion­ship that the fans seem to have with Coach Mc­Carthy. Do you think fans RE­ALLY think we’ll com­pletely fall apart if Mc­Carthy leaves af­ter this year... or con­versely, do they re­ally think our of­fense would be light-years bet­ter with him gone? What’s your quick opin­ion if he didn’t re­turn next year?

A: Well, the ques­tion the Pack­ers have to ask is this: if not Mike Mc­Carthy, then who? You don’t just fire a coach with­out be­liev­ing you can find some­one bet­ter. I’m not much of a be­liever in change for change’s sake. That said, let’s be real here: so long as Aaron Rodgers is in his prime and play­ing quar­ter­back, the Pack­ers are go­ing to be con­tenders.

Q: I for one ap­plaud AR for not just be­ing sat­is­fied with a win and speak­ing of the need to dom­i­nate an in­fe­rior op­po­nent. If you want to be the best you can NEVER be sat­is­fied with be­ing Good Enough or think­ing a win cures ev­ery­thing.

A: That’s fair.

Q: Is it just me or is Aaron Jones head and shoul­ders more ex­plo­sive than his back­field team­mates?

A: You’re not wrong.


Some fans are up­set with the play-call­ing of Pack­ers head coach Mike Mc­Carthy.

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