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This week will prob­a­bly not go as ex­pected, but we can get or­ga­nized and take ad­van­tage of serendip­i­tous mo­ments. The first part of the week is com­pe­tent and thought­ful. Early next week, ac­tive Mars forms a tricky con­junc­tion with in­tu­itive Nep­tune. On a good day, it im­parts a will­ing­ness to take ac­tions based on faith and sen­si­tive un­der­stand­ing as we deal with our es­capist pat­terns. It can bring ac­tion (Mars) to our dreams (Nep­tune), or leave us feel­ing a bit lazy and per­me­able. On a bad day, it fu­els a fight for re­li­gious be­liefs or deep­ens our at­tach­ment to il­lu­sion. It will be up to us to add com­pas­sion, a vis­ceral sense of con­nec­tion (which is the deep­est gift of Nep­tune), and a will­ing­ness to see even un­com­fort­able truths.

Pow­er­ful emo­tions con­nect us to our in­ter­na­tional re­la­tions with Venus, Mer­cury, and, soon, the sun — ex­pressed through com­mu­nal Aquarius. This lineup can make our hearts bub­ble over like boil­ing por­ridge. We want to feel a col­lec­tive heart­beat, and we ache for the woes of the world to­gether.

But we can miss the needs of those clos­est to us, or think we know their feel­ings bet­ter than we do. Bub­bling por­ridge can make a mess. It helps to ask our nearby loved ones what they need and how they feel, and to no­tice when we are boil­ing over emotionally and need to step back.

Mer­cury turns ret­ro­grade by the end of the week, break­ing our flow of con­cen­tra­tion and in­tro­duc­ing un­ex­pected agen­das. Or­di­nary plans for travel, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and un­der­stand­ing get com­pli­cated. We’ve got three weeks to re­view and re­or­ga­nize; let’s use them to our ad­van­tage. Fri­day, Jan. 16: A se­ri­ously rest­less morn­ing ques­tions our pri­or­i­ties un­der a peri­patetic Sagittarius moon. Hon­esty can be abrupt when we’re anx­ious, so cen­ter down be­fore speak­ing. Tonight, free one another’s spirit from the week’s heav­i­ness. Satur­day, Jan. 17: Let the mind and the feet roam as the Sagittarius moon trines ex­pan­sive Jupiter and ac­ti­vates our danc­ing feet. In­ter­na­tional news calls us to ex­plore the joys and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of global cit­i­zen­ship. Peo­ple are far­sighted to­day, but that can mean they don’t see what’s right next to them — don’t take it per­son­ally. Sun­day, Jan. 18: It’s a day to search one’s soul and get or­ga­nized. Look into per­sonal and cul­tural his­tory for a fresh un­der­stand­ing of the mo­ment un­der a wan­ing Capricorn moon. Small ac­com­plish­ments soothe us. Mon­day, Jan. 19: Our hearts swell and emo­tions spill over for the sake of the world soul to­day as Mars con­juncts Nep­tune. We may be grumpy and un­com­fort­able un­der the Capricorn moon, but we’ll feel bet­ter when we ac­knowl­edge that we be­long to some­thing larger than our­selves. Tues­day, Jan. 20: The mood grows open and stub­born — if less in­ti­mate — as the sun and moon en­ter Aquarius and con­junct. Re­or­ga­nize re­la­tion­ships — strengthen healthy group com­mit­ments, and let go of those that don’t work. Watch for mis­un­der­stand­ings — it’s easy to de­velop a the­ory and think we know more than we ac­tu­ally do. Wed­nes­day, Jan. 21: Mer­cury ret­ro­grades, and our sig­nals cross. Don’t run on the ice or run into as­sump­tions: Walk with grace in­stead. Follow through care­fully on stray prac­ti­cal de­tails — they fall through the cracks so eas­ily. Thurs­day, Jan. 22: We feel for the poor, the hurt, and the down­trod­den as the Pisces moon con­junct Mars and Nep­tune. This lineup can leave us sen­si­tive and sulk­ing. Keep such pain in per­spec­tive, and no­tice where real work is needed.


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