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This week we may feel as emo­tion­ally soggy as a slushy side­walk. The mood drifts as we dream in the last week with Mer­cury ret­ro­grade — with Venus, Mars, and Nep­tune all in in­tu­itive, per­me­able Pisces.

Keep the tis­sues nearby. We wade through streams of old mem­o­ries, go through old pho­tos, or clean out the far cor­ners of our data stor­age. Bit­ter­sweet mo­ments res­onate in this low-en­ergy mo­ment of the year’s cy­cle. The past is present.

We’re me­tab­o­liz­ing our mem­o­ries, but let’s nei­ther hurry the process nor get stuck there. By the end of the month the en­ergy is fresh, present, and press­ing us for­ward.

Fri­day, un­der a Virgo moon, our souls can feel itchy, and it’s hard to do any­thing right. No­tice the mood, and don’t take com­plaints too se­ri­ously. The week­end’s Libra moon en­cour­ages us to be friendly to our­selves and to oth­ers.

This Mer­cury in Aquarius ret­ro­grade can leave us squab­bling or at right an­gles with­out mean­ing to be, dis­con­certed by ap­par­ently ran­dom thoughts, or feel­ing re­mark­ably in­tran­si­gent about sim­ple things. Con­sider what oth­ers say with an open mind and make no prom­ises.

This could be a tech­ni­cally tricky week as Mer­cury ap­pears to slow down and turn di­rect on Wed­nes­day. Make sure im­por­tant in­for­ma­tion doesn’t fall through the cracks. We sort out a lot next week — but this week, have pa­tience.

Fri­day, Feb. 6: We have un­set­tled dreams overnight, and mem­o­ries drift close to the sur­face this morn­ing as the moon trines Pluto. Mid­day, we can see past all this and jump to con­clu­sions. Watch a com­pet­i­tive edge or ac­ci­den­tal streak later, as the moon op­poses Mars. Tonight, sym­pa­thetic hu­mor helps. Satur­day, Feb. 7: Af­ter a phys­i­cally un­com­fort­able but lo­gis­ti­cally prac­ti­cal morn­ing, it be­comes eas­ier to find the words to share what we feel as the moon en­ters col­lab­o­ra­tive Libra. Sun­day, Feb. 8: Rest. Moods drift this morn­ing as the moon op­poses Nep­tune. We may be pretty use­less for prac­ti­cal work, but un­fin­ished cre­ative projects beckon. In­ter­na­tional is­sues of fair­ness and equal­ity sim­mer. This isn’t a time to take ma­jor ac­tion but to build net­works that may be help­ful in the fu­ture. Mon­day, Feb. 9: Net­work and connect as the sun trines the moon. The day is pleas­ant and sen­si­tive but sta­tion­ary. We are hu­man be­ings, not hu­mans do­ing, and are painfully aware of dis­cor­dant en­er­gies. Tues­day, Feb. 10: The moon en­ters brood­ing Scorpio, and self-doubts and re­sent­ments are eas­ily trig­gered. By dint of that same sen­si­tiv­ity, we can pos­i­tively in­flu­ence out­comes if we hold a vi­sion. Wed­nes­day, Feb. 11: Ex­pect some tur­bu­lence as Mer­cury turns di­rect. Much will come un­stuck over the next few days — right now, push­ing a point is like try­ing to undo a rope knot by pulling it tighter. Thurs­day, Feb. 12: Ac­tion picks up speed as the moon en­ters mo­bile Sagittarius. Im­pa­tience and en­thu­si­asm re­turn. Lost things are found. At­tend to the many sim­mer­ing pots, but don’t feel like ev­ery­thing needs to be fixed at once. Nuggets of truth sur­face out of con­text.

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