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Valen­tine’s week­end be­gins on Fri­day the 13th, but this isn’t as in­aus­pi­cious as it sounds. Fri­day (Frigga’s day) hon­ors a Ger­manic Venu­sian archetype; 13 is con­nected to our moon — there are 13 moon cy­cles to a year.

On Fri­day, an ad­ven­tur­ous Sagittarius moon forms an up­lift­ing grand trine with both Jupiter and Uranus and in­fuses hu­mor and en­thu­si­asm into our world af­ter a cou­ple of very in­ter­nal and de­pressed weeks. Pos­si­bil­i­ties that were closed may begin to open, though we may have some resid­ual prob­lems to clear up. New ideas begin to un­fold this week­end and re­ally start to cook in a week or two.

Venus and Mars are run­ning close to­gether in sub­tle, in­tu­itive Pisces. If our at­ten­tion slips for a minute, we can eas­ily lose our way into our day­dreams. The mood is sen­si­tive, gen­er­ally for­giv­ing, and re­cep­tive, but a lit­tle pas­sive — we may re­ally want the other per­son to fix things or make an emo­tional over­ture and re­sist tak­ing any ro­man­tic risks our­selves. This can leave ev­ery­one sit­ting on the side­lines — wait­ing.

It would be bet­ter to reach out to our beloved, to friends, and to any­body who could use a Valen­tine. We might as well put this sen­ti­men­tal squishi­ness to good use. Next week Venus and Mars head into Aries, and we’ll be much too busy to be sen­ti­men­tal with one an­other.

Fri­day night is a great time to dance the night away. Valen­tine’s Day it­self, on Satur­day, is more prob­lem­atic — odd in­ter­rup­tions can in­ter­fere with one’s love life. The moon en­ters Capricorn, ups our ex­pec­ta­tions in the af­ter­noon, and sug­gests some more for­mal Valen­tine rit­u­als for the evening. It may help to work on some­thing with oth­ers.

On Wed­nes­day, the moon and sun en­ter Pisces to­gether, and the mood shifts from ab­stract to per­sonal, from global to lo­cal. An emo­tional ten­der­ness can help us re­con­nect with one an­other at a truly heart-cen­tered place be­fore Mars en­ters Aries on Thurs­day and the whole world be­gins to speed up.

Fri­day, Feb. 13: Straighten out travel plans and fix what’s bro­ken. En­ergy bub­bles up and can bounce off the walls by tonight. Get out of the house and cre­ate your own luck as the moon trines Uranus and Jupiter. Satur­day, Feb. 14: We may try to make things ro­man­tic, but un­ex­pected quirks and in­ter­rup­tions com­pli­cate the morn­ing. As the moon en­ters Capricorn around noon, deal with ex­pec­ta­tions and ma­nip­u­la­tions in the name of Valen­tine’s Day. Sun­day, Feb. 15: The Capricorn moon whis­pers to us about im­pend­ing work and re­veals plans and plots in the back­ground. Take an op­por­tu­nity to change minds or ac­quire new tools this af­ter­noon as the moon squares Uranus. Deal with a sense of ur­gency tonight as the moon con­juncts Pluto. Mon­day, Feb. 16: Re­pair and or­ga­nize on this cranky and prag­matic morn­ing. We’re rather touchy about our com­pe­tence. The moon en­ters Aquarius and con­juncts Mer­cury in the late af­ter­noon, mak­ing this evening ex­cel­lent for meet­ings, so­cial­iz­ing, and tun­ing in to cur­rent events. Tues­day, Feb. 17: Think through obligations to friends, or­ga­ni­za­tions, and the global com­mu­nity. Col­lect al­lies. We need in­for­ma­tion to get ready for the next phase. Wed­nes­day, Feb. 18: The Aquarius new moon be­gins a new cy­cle at 4:47 p.m. Within three min­utes, both the moon and sun en­ter Pisces and bring us deep into the flood of emo­tions. Vote with your dreams. Thurs­day, Feb. 19: Use that heavy day­dream­ing ca­pac­ity to en­vi­sion the next few weeks, and then make it so this af­ter­noon as Mars en­ters Aries. We shift out of the pas­sive mode and into ac­tion.

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