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The weather and our moods will be un­pre­dictable at the start of the week, mak­ing us act im­pul­sively from a bad case of spring fever half­way through, though week’s end will level off to some real pro­duc­tiv­ity.

To­day our feel­ings can blus­ter un­der a sen­si­tive and protective Can­cer moon, but don’t buy into the hope­less­ness that can dance through the soul: It’s a plan­e­tary nudge to take an­other step up­ward by putting in more ef­fort.

Late on Satur­day, the moon en­ters Leo for a more ex­tro­verted few days; the bounce re­turns to our step, and drama re­turns to our head­lines. Venus — the planet we as­so­ciate with our af­fec­tions and our aes­thetics — takes some as­tro­log­i­cal heat for a few days, stir­ring our hearts’ em­bers.

Venus in earthy Taurus makes us want to feel the love and see it in ac­tion, not just hear about. At the start of the week, we may be more de­mand­ing than usual as Venus squares ex­pan­sive Jupiter and trines pro­found Pluto. Th­ese as­pects can open our hearts with com­pas­sion, ask­ing us to make a show of love as we ac­knowl­edge how ephemeral life and re­la­tion­ships re­ally are.

Th­ese Venus as­pects in­spire us to work — but they also make us a lit­tle needy, stress­ing our con­nec­tions un­less we ex­pect less and give more. It’s a good time to honor the Venu­sian spirit within one an­other and the earth it­self as we shift to­ward spring.

Fri­day, March 27: Take care of per­sonal, so­cial, and pro­fes­sional de­mands on this introspective day. Me­di­ate con­flicts with­out and within as the moon in Can­cer op­poses Pluto and squares Uranus. The mood grows more so­cia­ble and ro­man­ti­cally rest­less tonight, though it may bring glitches to our plans for a can­dlelit din­ner as Venus squares Jupiter. Satur­day, March 28: Rest up, re­cu­per­ate, re­pair, and work to­gether to im­prove the sit­u­a­tion this morn­ing. We learn quickly, so long as no one tries to make us feel in­ad­e­quate. Food is im­por­tant tonight: We may be­come cranky and want to feel nur­tured and safe this evening. Laugh­ter and danc­ing shoes come out to­ward mid­night as the moon en­ters ex­tro­verted Leo. Sun­day, March 29: A lazy streak com­petes with the de­sire to live large and ex­press our­selves fully (if hy­per­bol­i­cally). We may start projects too big to fin­ish as the moon, sun, and Saturn form a grand trine. Emo­tions fill up and spill over tonight as the moon ap­proaches Jupiter in the eastern sky. Mon­day, March 30: Dreams and events may leave us tired or melo­dra­matic this morn­ing. Get ori­ented to the week ahead, but keep things in pro­por­tion. The rest of the day drifts; we process well but have trou­ble get­ting into gear. Tonight it be­comes easy to jump to con­clu­sions as Mer­cury en­ters Aries. Tues­day, March 31: We’re eas­ily dis­tracted by emo­tional re­sponses and a healthy de­sire to ex­plore this morn­ing. Our work ethic im­proves as the moon en­ters Virgo mid­day, though we may eas­ily get our de­fen­sive backs up. New agree­ments and or­ga­ni­za­tions begin to fall into place later on. Wed­nes­day, April 1: April Fools’ comes from a tra­di­tion of teas­ing the pa­gans who cel­e­brated their new year now, but we can use hu­mor to lighten an oth­er­wise grim and fo­cused day. We need to watch a ten­dency to speak be­fore think­ing: If we must get things off our chests, let’s be diplo­matic about it. Though a sense of ur­gency is bear­ing down on us, work steadily, cel­e­brat­ing mi­nor vic­to­ries along the way. Thurs­day, April 2: Side­step any in­ner litany of familiar mis­takes and fo­cus on what would ac­tu­ally help the sit­u­a­tion as the Virgo moon trines Venus this morn­ing. Af­ter­noon brings a good mo­ment to spread the word or get a mes­sage across, but let’s watch a ten­dency to rant or bris­tle with bravado — th­ese dis­plays can be hol­low and even danger­ous. Later on, be in­spired by an urge to be big­ger, of­fer more, or take a risk.

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