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This is a fer­tile week to plant and tend the gar­dens of our lives. The sun, Mer­cury, and Mars in earthy Taurus bring us sta­bil­ity, fruit­ful­ness, and a long­ing for sta­bil­ity — we just may not move as fast as we’d like.

Th­ese plan­ets en­cour­age us to take root, so we may not feel as por­ta­ble or flex­i­ble as usual. Venus is now in Gemini, im­part­ing bet­ter emo­tional ver­sa­til­ity and help­ing us keep the con­ver­sa­tion go­ing and bal­ance dif­fer­ing needs. Don’t hurry or overdo the mul­ti­task­ing right now — just carry on at a steady rhythm.

If we don’t have any ground to gar­den or if work doesn’t feel mean­ing­ful right now, we may get ir­ri­tated or de­pressed. Un­cer­tainty can make us un­com­fort­able, so we have to be pa­tient and take baby steps to­ward clear­ing our minds and grow­ing into a larger project. We can scat­ter seeds, wa­ter them, and, over the sum­mer, weed out what isn’t work­ing and nur­ture what is.

Fri­day be­gins del­i­cately: We may feel lonely or strangely maudlin, aware of a closing chap­ter. The mood shifts for an up­beat, if po­ten­tially dra­matic, week­end. Let’s make up a cel­e­bra­tion if we don’t have one to go to. Just avoid top­ics that po­lar­ize — Taurus can be very stub­born.

Early next week brings an in­dus­tri­ous, introspective time, great for an­a­lyz­ing, plow­ing through work, or just plow­ing. Make sure analy­ses are so­lu­tion-ori­ented and look gen­tly on self-doubts.

Fri­day, April 24: Work helps our moods as the moon op­poses Pluto and re­minds us of who we’ve lost, what we don’t have, and what we’ve left be­hind. A thought­ful evening brings the chance to heal our hearts by pon­der­ing mem­o­ries and as­sist­ing oth­ers. We may feel more than we show and long to feel safe and wanted. Satur­day, April 25: It’s a so­cia­ble if stub­born day, a lit­tle ditzy in the morn­ing, but agree­ments or plans are firmed up by mid­day. Ev­ery­one needs a mo­ment to bask in our at­ten­tion. Look for a beau­ti­ful moon-Jupiter con­junc­tion in the night sky and let it pour bounty into the heart. Sun­day, April 26: Gen­eros­ity, warmth, and even a touch of self-cen­tered­ness in­fuse the morn­ing; we want to take things over the top in pleas­ant and un­con­ven­tional ways. Be flex­i­ble about plan changes around din­ner­time. Con­sider re­tir­ing early if the mood gets abra­sive tonight. Mon­day, April 27: We may want to en­gage the world, but our en­ergy re­serves are low this morn­ing — which can make us cranky. Speak up about pri­or­i­ties and needs. If we’re out of sync, don’t com­plain, just in­form oth­ers. Tonight’s Virgo moon brings a more philo­soph­i­cal and introspective mood. Tues­day, April 28: Overnight dreams ask us to face our re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and fears; the trick will be to tell them apart. This morn­ing, we want to be both ef­fi­cient and con­nected. Midafter­noon brings sleepi­ness and con­fu­sion: Nap, then clar­ify sit­u­a­tions. Tonight, cre­ate a safe space to talk about ten­der hearts as Venus squares Ch­i­ron. Wed­nes­day, April 29: It’s im­por­tant to give it our all this morn­ing. Self­con­scious­ness and ten­der feel­ings may be hid­den by a gruff ex­te­rior this af­ter­noon. Tonight, con­sol­i­date ideas, tie up loose ends, and get the chores done as the Virgo moon trines Mars. Thurs­day, April 30: It’s all about com­mu­ni­ca­tion this morn­ing — words, body lan­guage, flicks of the eye im­part in­for­ma­tion as the moon trines Mer­cury, then en­ters friendly Libra, while Mer­cury en­ters com­mu­nica­tive Gemini. Let’s en­ter the con­ver­sa­tion and make sure we’re heard.

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