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THIS WEEK­END WE MAY FEEL DEEPLY AM­BIGU­OUS about peo­ple, torn be­tween so­cial­iz­ing and re­treat­ing. Venus and Jupiter con­junct in ex­tro­verted Leo to call us out to the party while the Scorpio moon and Can­cer sun can leave us in­tro­spec­tive and in des­per­ate need of time alone.

Be­cause of this con­flict we may feel un­usu­ally vul­ner­a­ble, tempted to over­re­act; we may need to leave town rather than take a break or bite back rather than set a calm bound­ary. We want to fix the mo­tor, dig in our gar­den, or en­gage in some other soli­tary pur­suit to get some so­cially ac­cept­able pri­vacy. That Scorpio moon en­cour­ages us to dive be­low the sur­face and think about the deeper as­pects of life.

This lineup can help us ex­am­ine some­thing un­com­fort­able. We can look squarely at what both­ers us, and then ask that cre­ative and lov­ing Venus-Jupiter con­junc­tion to help us find a clear path to­ward a so­lu­tion, if we’re not too ir­ri­tated to lis­ten.

Early next week our mood may re­lax, but there is po­ten­tial for worry or trou­bling con­ver­sa­tion as Mer­cury forms a chal­leng­ing as­pect to Pluto. We can rely on the Sagit­tar­ian moon to help us by em­ploy­ing sim­ple hon­esty. Just speak up and leave out the loaded terms.

We may be rest­less for ei­ther a change of venue or aes­thet­ics as Venus trines Uranus mid­week. This trine speaks of love’s trans­for­ma­tive power; ex­pres­sions of sol­i­dar­ity and warmth can sup­port a sub­tle, deep shift.

FRI­DAY, JUNE 26: Ask for any fa­vors early in the day; we be­come more in­ter­nal and per­snick­ety as the moon en­ters Scorpio mid­day. The af­ter­noon en­cour­ages us to make de­ci­sions to cut, weed, or re­or­ga­nize as the moon trines Mars. Tonight asks us to lis­ten hon­estly to what we need and pre­pare to share at a deep level, or en­joy our soli­tude.

SATUR­DAY, JUNE 27: Let’s im­merse our­selves in some­thing — a cause or a shamanic jour­ney. Use a beau­ti­ful, emo­tional grand trine in wa­ter signs (moon, sun, Nep­tune) to fo­cus. Watch out: We can sting if we feel un­safe or over­loaded.

SUN­DAY, JUNE 28: Dig deep, build foun­da­tions, plant roots, and protest in­jus­tice. Do not be­lieve the mur­mur of de­pres­sion or in­evitabil­ity. Make no as­sump­tions about the fu­ture but trust the po­ten­tial of change. Our mood lifts later; fresh hon­esty and the nat­u­ral world are sooth­ing.

MON­DAY, JUNE 29: The lovely Venus-Uranus trine makes us footloose, long­ing to be fancy-free. Experiment with a new ap­proach, just don’t ex­pect peo­ple to knuckle down to work. If the midafter­noon brings sleepi­ness or un­cer­tainty, let the mind drift in pro­duc­tive ways.

TUES­DAY, JUNE 30: The morn­ing brings op­por­tu­ni­ties. Make over­tures now. Later on the energy be­comes more dis­con­nected and ex­pe­ri­ences could poke at some old wound, and of­fer a chance to for­give and ex­pand.

WED­NES­DAY, JULY 1: It’s time to get down to work we avoided ear­lier in the week as the moon waxes full in in­dus­tri­ous Capricorn. We can get easily frus­trated if the plot­line of our life doesn’t seem to be mov­ing fast enough, but let’s not take this ur­gency out on one another.

THURS­DAY, JULY 2: Although we may still feel ner­vous or im­pa­tient, yesterday’s con­flicts can bring to­day’s in­ge­nu­ity as Mer­cury sex­tiles in­ven­tive Uranus. If our minds ob­sess on a prob­lem, it pays to tackle some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent, and cir­cle back from another di­rec­tion.

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