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OUR EN­ER­GIES SPIN in place as the week­end be­gins; the more calm and re­laxed we stay, the quicker we can move out of this spin cy­cle and into progress.

Mer­cury ap­pears to hold still as it fin­ishes three weeks ret­ro­grade and turns di­rect on Fri­day. Be­cause Mer­cury sym­bol­izes thoughts, trans­porta­tion, in­for­ma­tion, and all things that move, this planet is most awk­ward when it is sta­tion­ary. We tend not to ex­pe­ri­ence this still­ness like a lo­tus float­ing on a crys­talline for­est pond, but more like a spin­ning top that turns grace­fully in place un­less it be­gins to wob­ble, and then it can re­ally spin out.

This vor­tex loosens fairly quickly, and over the next few days we’ll find miss­ing pack­ages, straighten out mis­un­der­stand­ings, and get the car started. It may take us till the end of the month to re­ally clear out the emo­tional slump and get our mo­men­tum go­ing.

Over the week­end, a lot of last-minute de­tails fall into place if we keep our hearts open and work with what we have. Put re­la­tion­ships first and re­store em­pa­thetic com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

Use the be­gin­ning of the week to get back on the same page and make some short-term plans. A ro­man­tic, restora­tive new moon in Libra on Mon­day helps us re­launch.

Mid­week, look for new strate­gies with a fresh per­spec­tive. Feel a new breath of con­fi­dence and start work­ing on more long-term plans. A pow­er­ful fo­cus en­cour­ages beau­ti­ful con­nec­tions where we’re on track, but can bring in real ir­ri­ta­tion if any­thing gets in our way. We have ac­cess to un­usual per­sua­sive ca­pac­ity and can elim­i­nate what isn’t part of our dream, and en­er­gize what is.

FRI­DAY, OCT. 9: Af­ter a rather con­fus­ing and im­pa­tient morn­ing, the mood im­proves this af­ter­noon, and can grow pos­i­tively ex­pan­sive around din­ner. How­ever, peo­ple may feel a bit world-weary and need to kvetch about the week they’ve had as the Virgo moon trines Pluto.

SATUR­DAY, OCT. 10: Get ev­ery­thing straight­ened out. Peo­ple are fo­cused, se­ri­ous, po­ten­tially de­tail-ori­ented and aware of their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. Give ev­ery­one the ben­e­fit of the doubt; don’t take emo­tional re­serve per­son­ally. Feel the warmth re­turn tonight.

SUN­DAY, OCT. 11: This morn­ing can be sweet if we can keep the sched­ule slow and just be present with one another. Big things shift in the wind this af­ter­noon as the sun op­poses Uranus and deals a wild-card wake-up call. Don’t try to read too much into ev­ery com­ment.

MON­DAY, OCT. 12: Take the morn­ing to in­te­grate the week­end and as­sess the lay of the land. Tonight’s full moon brings a new be­gin­ning; let’s catch up and re­pair the frayed edges.

TUES­DAY, OCT. 13: We get a green light from the new moon in Libra, restor­ing us with san­ity, hope, and fore­thought. Com­pe­ti­tion cuts in this af­ter­noon, so be strate­gic. Tonight the moon en­ters mys­te­ri­ous Scorpio and we grow more guarded, pointed, and deep.

WED­NES­DAY, OCT. 14: The mood is deep, rich, imag­i­na­tive, and laced with in­ter­est­ing emo­tional un­der­cur­rents. Spend time with good peo­ple, great art sup­plies, or some­thing that re­ally mat­ters as the moon forms lovely pos­i­tive as­pects. If we crave depth and con­nec­tion and can’t find it, or want soli­tude and feel crowded, we can grow re­sent­ful un­less we move into our com­pas­sion­ate heart.

THURS­DAY, OCT. 15: Honor an urge to clear out, change, elim­i­nate, or trans­form, whether this means in­tense clean­ing of the junk drawer or weed­ing of the fam­ily bud­get. Pare down, clean out, fo­cus, de­cide, and pre­pare.

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