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THIS MAY NOT BE THE WEEK to ask for fa­vors or for a raise, but it may be time to make a trans­for­ma­tion. Af­ter a friendly and gen­er­ous week­end, on Wed­nes­day the moon wanes to­ward an in­tense new moon in Scorpio, which fo­cuses our en­ergy in­ward. We have ac­cess to un­usual con­cen­tra­tion but may not be in a par­tic­u­larly giv­ing mood.

The sun and Mercury are al­ready in Scorpio, as Venus and Mars con­junct in thought­ful Virgo. We’re look­ing deep and have a ten­dency to be hard on our­selves. Scorpio sharp­ens our fo­cus and can also lend us a sting­ing wit, al­low­ing us to speak the truth. Af­ter an in­dus­tri­ous if edgy Fri­day, the week­end blos­soms into a more for­giv­ing, friendly, if a tad wary, week­end. A mo­ment of beauty will re­ally feed the soul.

Early next week we can get edgy be­cause we have a more ur­gent aware­ness of crunch­ing time; the clock is tick­ing away and can make us ir­ri­ta­ble. Keep ex­pec­ta­tions re­al­is­tic and no­tice the ten­dency to over­load the to-do list.

Mid­week, no­tice a ten­dency to get im­pa­tient with the dis­trac­tion of or­di­nary emo­tional ex­pec­ta­tions from friends and fam­ily. Re­mem­ber that our real goal is not just scal­ing any one par­tic­u­lar moun­tain­top but be­com­ing whole souls in a rounded, well-bal­anced life. The mood deep­ens mid­week around the new moon in Scorpio, and we need to keep it pro­duc­tive; let go of shame and blame. Use the dark of the moon in Scorpio to go deep and get hon­est with one­self. We can fer­ret out real truths in the cul­ture and in our own souls.

On Thurs­day, if we’re hon­est with our­selves, we can be more hon­est with oth­ers as the moon en­ters frank Sagittarius and Mars en­ters friendly Libra.

FRI­DAY, NOV. 6: If we get out of our own way, we’ll be much more com­fort­able mak­ing progress. Mercury trine Nep­tune gives us in­spi­ra­tion, imag­i­na­tion, and spaci­ness. Ir­ri­tabil­ity is a sign that we are not feel­ing on track un­der an in­dus­tri­ous Virgo moon. Evening grows more heart-cen­tered.

SATUR­DAY, NOV. 7: Rest­less in­ter­ac­tion can force us out of bed early on, but the mood soft­ens as the moon en­ters Libra mid­morn­ing. Look for ways to make life more rounded and com­plete. Be care­ful of bound­aries; peo­ple may be open but need their space.

SUN­DAY, NOV. 8: Venus en­ters Libra, the sign of the fair and the beau­ti­ful, and we are more will­ing to work in an egal­i­tar­ian way. Morn­ing has sweet­ness. Mid­day we may feel the dis­sat­is­fac­tion of work yet to be done or a long­ing for more per­fect world.

MON­DAY, NOV. 9: Fine-tune the health regime for the deep­en­ing au­tumn. Stress can fray our edges, but we are open to ad­just­ments. We can fo­cus on the shad­ows as the wan­ing moon en­ters Scorpio.

TUES­DAY, NOV. 10: Deal with ghosts, bad mem­o­ries, and un­paid bills. Yes, some things need to be cut out, but don’t overdo it. Fer­ret out an­other layer of in­for­ma­tion and don’t give up. Con­cen­tra­tion is easy when we know what we’re do­ing, but we can get eas­ily dis­cour­aged and see all the prob­lems oth­er­wise.

WED­NES­DAY, NOV. 11: We strip off the su­per­flu­ous lay­ers and come to a new un­der­stand­ing. We can con­cen­trate on our work un­less our pas­sions of love or hate are en­gaged. Sort out the dif­fer­ence be­tween opin­ion and truth — both so strong to­day.

THURS­DAY, NOV. 12: Fresh hon­esty helps us get real about our op­tions as the moon en­ters ex­ploratory Sagittarius and as Mars en­ters more egal­i­tar­ian Libra. Don’t take un­usual frank­ness too per­son­ally. Peo­ple need to speak, but they prob­a­bly don’t in­tend to wound.

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