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AFERIM! Not rated. 108 min­utes. In Ro­ma­nian, Turk­ish, and Ro­many with sub­ti­tles. Jean Cocteau Cinema. See re­view, Page 36.

BUSCO NOVIO PARA MI MU­JER This com­edy from Mex­ico, adapted from a 2008 Ar­gen­tine film, stars Arath de la Torre as Paco, a man who is tired of his nag­ging wife (San­dra Echev­er­ría), and hires a pro­fes­sional ladies’ man (Jesús Ochoa) to se­duce her away. Rated PG-13. 92 min­utes. In Span­ish with­out sub­ti­tles. Re­gal Sta­dium 14. (Not re­viewed)

EISEN­STEIN IN GUA­NA­JU­ATO Peter Green­away, the Bri­tish vieil­lard ter­ri­ble who made his mark in the ’ 80s with el­e­gant tasteben­ders like The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, re­turns to daz­zle and shock with this ac­count of the great Rus­sian film­maker Sergei Eisen­stein ( Bat­tle­ship Potemkin), set loose in 1931 in Mex­ico to make a movie. Que Viva Mex­ico, his Mex­i­can epic, never made it out of the can, but as Green­away tells it, Eisen­stein found erotic ful­fill­ment and lost his vir­gin­ity to his hand­some, im­pres­sively equipped Mex­i­can guide (Luis Al­berti). Elmer Bäck plays the Soviet di­rec­tor as a cross be­tween

Amadeus’ Mozart and Larry of the Three Stooges. The vi­su­als are ex­trav­a­gantly beau­ti­ful, the di­rec­to­rial flour­ishes are in­ces­sant and in­tru­sive, and the story, which starts out bright with prom­ise, floun­ders, ex­cept for that star­tling rear de­flow­er­ing scene. Not rated. 105 min­utes. In English and Span­ish with sub­ti­tles. Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Arts. (Jonathan Richards)

THE LADY IN THE VAN Rated PG-13. 104 min­utes. Vi­o­let Crown. See re­view, Page 37.

NA­TIONAL THEATRE LIVE: AS YOU LIKE IT Gen­er­ally agreed to be the play that opened Lon­don’s Globe Theatre in 1599, As You Like It re­ceives its first stag­ing at the Na­tional Theatre more than 30 years. Rosalie Craig plays Ros­alind, who is ban­ished from court and finds refuge in the For­est of Ar­den. 7 p.m. Fri­day, Feb. 25. Len­sic Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter. (Not re­viewed)

RACE There’s a dou­ble mean­ing to the ti­tle of this movie about Jesse Owens (Stephan James). The plot cen­ters on Owens’ ap­pear­ance at the 1936 Olympics in Ber­lin, where he de­fied Adolf Hitler’s as­ser­tions of Aryan phys­i­cal and men­tal su­pe­ri­or­ity. Carice van Houten plays renowned film­maker Leni Riefen­stahl, who doc­u­mented the games in Olympia. Ja­son Sudeikis, Jeremy Irons, and Wil­liam Hurt also star. Rated PG-13. 134 min­utes. Re­gal DeVar­gas; Re­gal Sta­dium 14; Dream­Catcher. (Not re­viewed)


RAMS Rated R. 93 min­utes. The Screen. See re­view, Page 34.

RE­QUIEM FOR THE AMER­I­CAN DREAM Not rated. 75 min­utes. Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Arts. See re­view, Page 35. Joseph Fi­ennes plays Clav­ius, a Ro­man cen­tu­rion tasked with find­ing out what hap­pened to the body of Je­sus of Nazareth af­ter the cru­ci­fix­ion, and whether its dis­ap­pear­ance has any­thing to do with ru­mors of a risen Mes­siah. Peter Firth is Pi­late. Rated PG-13. 107 min­utes. Re­gal Sta­dium 14; Vi­o­let Crown; Dream­Catcher. (Not re­viewed)

ROLLING PA­PERS Not rated. 89 min­utes. Jean Cocteau Cinema. See re­view, Page 38.

SON OF SAUL Rated R. 107 min­utes. In Ger­man, Rus­sian, Pol­ish, Yid­dish, and Hun­gar­ian with sub­ti­tles. Re­gal DeVar­gas. See re­view, Page 32.

THE WITCH Rated R. 90 min­utes. Re­gal Sta­dium 14; Vi­o­let Crown; Dream­Catcher. See re­view, Page 39.

Mex­i­can hol­i­day: Elmer Bäck in Eisen­stein in Gua­na­ju­ato, at Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Arts

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