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SPRING FEVER IS IN THE AIR. If the an­swer we’re look­ing for is not along our usual paths, our hearts may wan­der as our feet want to stray. We feel a soul-deep long­ing to get out of our world’s dys­func­tion and search for the un­ex­pected as the sun con­juncts change-master Uranus, while the two plan­ets that sym­bol­ize our emo­tions — Venus and Mars — form a pos­i­tive trine, all in mo­ti­va­tional signs.

We grow more pas­sion­ate and less flex­i­ble about love, politics, and our life pur­pose. This urge for a break in rou­tine can feel at odds with a de­sire to be more set­tled and cozy, which pulls us to plant in the gar­den and sta­bi­lize our life with Mer­cury and the wax­ing moon in earthy, fer­tile Tau­rus as the week­end be­gins. But whether we take a fiery or an earthy ap­proach, both plan­e­tary groupings tell us it’s time to plant seeds and start projects of all kinds, to give form to new be­gin­nings. Share hearts and grow the love this week­end.

This fiery and earthy stub­born­ness con­tin­ues to mo­ti­vate dis­con­tent over how power is mis­used. That un­easi­ness will need an aw­ful lot of com­mu­ni­ca­tion to defuse over the next few weeks, with Mer­cury in steady but stub­born Tau­rus. We may com­mu­ni­cate more flu­idly on Sun­day and Mon­day, while the moon is in com­mu­nica­tive Gem­ini. Though we may lose our con­cen­tra­tion in the spring pollen, we can cross-pol­li­nate ideas and come to some fresh un­der­stand­ings. Mid­week the moon en­ters in-depth Can­cer and en­cour­ages us to bring our at­ten­tion back to our on­go­ing re­la­tion­ships, which can feel un­der­nour­ished be­cause we’ve been so busy and dis­tracted else­where. It’s not a week to take re­la­tion­ships for granted; we need to stoke the fires and tend love wher­ever it warms our life.

FRI­DAY, APRIL 8: The mood is cu­ri­ously rest­less but also richly tac­tile and stub­born. Po­lit­i­cal hot spots of dis­con­tent ramp up with a grow­ing sense of pur­pose. Keep talk­ing rather than cre­ate a stand­off.

SATUR­DAY, APRIL 9: Share any strange dreams over break­fast. The sun con­juncts rest­less Uranus and calls for ex­per­i­men­ta­tion and fresh per­spec­tive, while the earthy Tau­rus moon en­cour­ages us to plant, gar­den, and wan­der through the cro­cus. Fol­low through on plans and sa­vor a moment in the sun­shine.

SUN­DAY, APRIL 10: Broach tricky sub­jects on this com­mu­nica­tive morn­ing and dis­cuss them with a healthy per­spec­tive. The af­ter­noon grows edgier, more ar­gu­men­ta­tive and ac­ci­dent-prone; be at­ten­tive. The mood soft­ens by din­ner­time.

MON­DAY, APRIL 11: Fol­low through on week­end de­ci­sions this morn­ing. We may be dis­tracted but can get a lit­tle bit of work done on a lot of things. Clear up drift­ing mis­in­for­ma­tion.

TUES­DAY, APRIL 12: We have ac­cess to cre­ativ­ity and can spark off one another, but may feel caught in con­tra­dic­tory feel­ings. We can feel both emo­tion­ally brave and dar­ing, but para­dox­i­cally a bit shy and self­pro­tec­tive. Ob­jec­tive work can be rest­ful.

WED­NES­DAY, APRIL 13: We can use any am­bi­ent ir­ri­ta­tion to mo­ti­vate our­selves this morn­ing. It feels good to ex­ert our­selves as the sun forms a dif­fi­cult as­pect to Mars; this helps keep our im­pul­sive, head­strong side out of trou­ble. Set bound­aries where nec­es­sary, but don’t make de­ci­sions im­pul­sively — save them for to­mor­row.

THURS­DAY, APRIL 14: The mood ex­pands as the moon en­ters gen­er­ous Leo and adds panache. We can move out of our de­fen­sive po­si­tion and make bet­ter de­ci­sions. Fresh op­ti­mism can be heal­ing but un­re­al­is­tic; see the pos­si­bil­i­ties, but only bet on prob­a­bil­i­ties.

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