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EX­PECT WINDSTORMS AND SMOKY FIRES, and prob­a­bly not just on the po­lit­i­cal scene. The astrological en­er­gies switch gears this week and cre­ate some tur­bu­lence as they change. What was hid­den be­comes vis­i­ble; what was stuck be­comes un­stuck. By the end of the week, we get a green light and feel the be­gin­ning of a new chap­ter.

Let’s be a lit­tle care­ful with our hearts. Feel­ings can eas­ily get hurt as we straighten out mis­un­der­stand­ings; we may find out what’s re­ally been both­er­ing a friend or what’s been stew­ing in the mind of a truly dif­fi­cult per­son.

The week­end be­gins un­der a brood­ing but fer­tile Scorpio moon. Some strange power dy­nam­ics bring a ten­dency to wres­tle with our self, our con­science, or with one an­other as Mars chal­lenges Pluto. We may feel frus­trated by re­cent com­pli­ca­tions or side­tracked by un­ex­pected ad­ven­tures. Maybe our con­science is bug­ging us to let go of our per­sonal agenda and get back to work, but it’s not quite time. We can put some of that frus­tra­tion into our cre­ative process and into our con­nec­tions, and make the best of it for now.

The sun en­ters com­mu­nica­tive Gemini to­day. On Satur­day, the moon en­ters Sagit­tar­ius — the up­beat and hon­est sign of the trav­eler — and op­poses the sun im­me­di­ately; it’s a great day for un­ex­pected trips. With Mer­cury ap­pear­ing to hold still, travel may have its com­pli­ca­tions or de­lays, but an ex­ploratory me­an­der is good for the soul. We want to wan­der, and our feet know where they need to go. On Sun­day, Mer­cury turns di­rect af­ter three weeks ret­ro­grade, mark­ing a turn­ing point to get us back on track.

Early next week, a com­pe­tent Capricorn moon sup­ports our de­sire to re­fo­cus on the work of our next chap­ter. We may be­gin to pull out of our per­sonal story, re­con­nect­ing with the com­mu­nity and with na­tional and in­ter­na­tional pol­i­tics to­ward the end of the week.

FRI­DAY, may 20: Cranky and cre­ative vibes can leave us un­com­fort­able or dis­sat­is­fied. The con­ver­sa­tion picks up as the sun en­ters ver­bal Gemini. No­tice un­der­cur­rents of un­set­tled business and old re­sent­ments un­der the Scorpio moon. Look for me­chan­i­cal is­sues and mood swings tonight, and sing the blues rather than live them.

SATUR­DAY, may 21: Af­ter an in­ward-look­ing morn­ing, the mood switches midday un­der the full moon in out­go­ing rest­less Sagit­tar­ius. We want to leave the fa­mil­iar and ex­plore cul­tures, ideas, and land­scapes, but we may feel like we’re spin­ning in place. Mi­nor ir­ri­ta­tions around din­ner­time ease into a so­cia­ble evening.

SUN­DAY, may 22: Morn­ing has an ac­ci­dent-prone qual­ity as Mer­cury turns di­rect. Later on, be ready to jump in to straighten out prob­lems when the op­por­tu­nity arises. Tonight, en­gage in hu­mor­ous hon­esty.

MON­DAY, may 23: We have places to go, things to do, prob­lems to ex­plore, and fires to put out this morn­ing. We may feel like we’re run­ning around and chas­ing our tails or trav­el­ing to get to where we need to start.

TUES­DAY, may 24: We feel an in­flux of or­ga­ni­za­tional com­pe­tence, and be­gin work on the next chap­ter un­der an in­dus­tri­ous Capricorn moon. If there is fric­tion in re­la­tion­ships as Venus en­ters chatty Gemini and op­poses Mars, en­joy sparks of dif­fer­ing opin­ions, but don’t get stuck there.

WED­NES­DAY, may 25: It doesn’t pay to keep try­ing old so­lu­tions. We no­tice what’s miss­ing and needs to be done.

THURS­DAY, may 26: Tend to com­mu­nity re­la­tion­ships and team meet­ings on this so­cia­ble, but not par­tic­u­larly in­ti­mate day. Get a new feel for the lay of the land.

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