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NO­TICE AN EMO­TIONAL HIGH TIDE as the week­end be­gins under a si­mul­ta­ne­ous full moon and lu­nar eclipse in Pisces, and let it flow through. It is fol­lowed by a flare of en­ergy or de­ter­mi­na­tion, bring­ing on a po­ten­tially cre­ative and de­ci­sive — though not nec­es­sar­ily wise — be­gin­ning of the week.

Eclipses can act like as­tro­log­i­cal acupunc­ture, un­block­ing en­ergy that is stuck. This one helps us truly feel what we feel — and maybe what every­one else feels as well, as our psy­chic bound­aries can be un­usu­ally per­me­able. With the sun and Mer­cury ra­di­at­ing a Virgo work ethic, we may feel the pres­sure to stay ef­fi­ciently busy, but the rest of the as­pects ask us to stay in our hearts. Hon­estly, ev­ery­thing will move faster if we slow down and pace our­selves.

The week arcs through sen­si­tiv­ity to ac­tion and a rest­less heart. Be gen­tle; as Mars trines Uranus, tem­pers will flare. Clashes man­i­fest, and rev­o­lu­tions fo­ment. Pay­back can be quick and dif­fi­cult, and re­la­tion­ships hit rough wa­ters in re­sponse, so let’s not go there.

If we day­dream and brain­storm under the eclipse, we can boldly ex­plore or start build­ing our vi­sion and turn this week­end’s surge into pos­i­tive ac­tion. Get it done, fix it, find it, build it, and then fine-tune the cre­ative process early next week as Venus op­poses Uranus under a cud­dly Taurus moon.

All this ac­tiv­ity and care can be tricky with Mer­cury ret­ro­grade in Virgo, which stirs up de­lays, mi­nor mishaps, and missed cues and con­nec­tions. It helps to laugh and re­mem­ber that this cy­cle can help us rekin­dle old ties and recall where we were be­fore the sum­mer in­ter­rupted us.

On Wed­nes­day, Mer­cury turns di­rect, ask­ing us to take a deep breath be­fore we begin to un­wind, straighten out, and fly right. The fall equinox can bring a new sense of bal­ance as the road un­winds be­fore us.

FRI­DAY, SEPT. 16: Our dreams fol­low us into the day. All our nerve end­ings can feel raw and aware, with life so full of lit­tle glitches. Help one an­other feel safe; laugh to­gether of­ten. We get ex­cited or re­ac­tive as the moon en­ters Aries tonight.

SATUR­DAY, SEPT. 17: Look for a real ad­ven­ture. It’s bet­ter to chan­nel a rest­less feisti­ness, or it can fuel ir­ri­ta­ble sparks. Our im­pulse con­trol can be low, and mis­takes are eas­ily made. Build­ing some­thing can be sat­is­fy­ing, but mea­sure three times and pri­or­i­tize safety.

SUN­DAY, SEPT. 18: It’s a won­der­ful day to talk to strangers and buy art. Our judg­ment may not be as strong as our cu­rios­ity while Venus op­poses Uranus. Keep eyes open for new con­nec­tions and op­por­tu­ni­ties for ca­ma­raderie.

MON­DAY, SEPT. 19: Plant seeds on fer­tile ground. Go deep, get real, and stay on tar­get with long-term plans. Enjoy a juicy flir­ta­tious en­ergy, and find new sparks in old friend­ships.

TUES­DAY, SEPT. 20: Do the re­search to­day as Mer­cury trines Pluto. Get the de­tails in line. The con­ver­sa­tion deep­ens be­cause we no­tice the leaves turn­ing as our hearts are long­ing.

WED­NES­DAY, SEPT. 21: Like a dog set­tling down to rest, ev­ery­thing spins and stays in the same place. Al­low ex­tra time, and con­firm all reser­va­tions. Last-minute changes in plans may be an im­prove­ment.

THURS­DAY, SEPT. 22: Doors begin to open, and pres­sure equal­izes, though we’re still im­pa­tient as fall be­gins. Mer­cury is still slow, so let’s take our time as we fix the glitches and mis­takes, catch up, and straighten out in­ter­per­sonal mis­un­der­stand­ings. Wait a few days to launch pro­pos­als.

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