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WHEN OTH­ERS GO SHAL­LOW, let’s go deep — deeper than our ir­ri­ta­tions, deeper than our re­sent­ments. The sun and Mer­cury are in se­ri­ous Scor­pio, ask­ing us to dive be­neath the waves and look for an­swers un­der the rocks and in the depths of the soul.

This po­ten­tially event­ful week be­gins with a lit­tle luck, a few tri­als, and a po­ten­tial need to count on his­tory, old friends, and fa­mil­iar so­lu­tions to han­dle those tests. Through the week­end a dif­fi­cult Mars-Uranus square brings out our edgy, re­bel­lious, im­pul­sive sides — though this en­ergy is soft­ened by a sup­port­ive, se­ri­ous Venus-Saturn con­junc­tion that helps us rely on time-tested re­sources.

Un­der this am­bi­tious, in­ge­nious, and both­er­some Mars-Uranus square, head­lines could show abrupt grabs for power or fierce at­tempts to set healthy bound­aries. Ma­chines can de­velop poltergeists. Let’s give our­selves a five-minute de­lay be­fore act­ing on our im­pulses — and keep a fire ex­tin­guisher nearby.

Through this we can feel the sup­port of friends and the heal­ing power of an­i­mals. Re­la­tion­ships can be both strength­ened and tested. As Venus and Saturn con­junct Sagit­tar­ius, the cheer­ful sign that en­cour­ages our con­nec­tion to the nat­u­ral world, we can keep those sharp com­ments to our­selves and walk the dog to­gether or rake leaves and let the tem­per spike pass.

On Sun­day, the new moon in Scor­pio is a pow­er­ful time for cer­e­mony and re­mem­brance. It also brings a mis­chievous love of mys­tery and a will­ing­ness to face our fears through Hal­loween. Mid­week we get a chance to back away from the Hal­loween candy and com­post re­cent dis­com­fort to let it fer­til­ize fresh ideas.

FRI­DAY, OCT. 28: The morn­ing takes ad­van­tage of op­ti­mism and de­sire for fair and eq­ui­table sit­u­a­tions un­der to­day’s friendly Libra moon. Midafter­noon, the clouds be­gin to roll and tem­pers sharpen as Mars squares Uranus. Be care­ful around volatile peo­ple, sub­stances, and sit­u­a­tions.

SATUR­DAY, OCT. 29: Unset­tled as­pects overnight can leave us stirred up this morn­ing; chan­nel well the de­sire to change the world. As­pects are great for rab­ble-rous­ing and home im­prove­ment — just be care­ful around elec­tri­cal tools. Tonight, as Venus con­juncts se­ri­ous Saturn and the moon en­ters deep Scor­pio, we want to feel safe yet free — and can get an­gry if we don’t.

SUN­DAY, OCT. 30: To­day the mood can run deep, heart­felt, imag­i­na­tive, and spir­i­tual — or we can get lost in other worlds as thought­ful Mer­cury trines in­tu­itive, es­capist Nep­tune. It’s a per­fect time to tell ghost sto­ries and talk to our an­ces­tors, get out our art sup­plies, and per­fect our cos­tumes.

MON­DAY, OCT. 31: Happy Hal­loween! The mood hov­ers in fan­tas­ti­cal worlds, and our feel­ings run deep and strong as the Scor­pio new moon makes pos­i­tive as­pects to mo­ti­vat­ing Pluto and Mars. We may feel very pri­vate about our in­ner work­ings but happy to ex­plore them as a cos­tumed al­ter ego.

TUES­DAY, NOV. 1: We’re not quite ready to buckle down to work as the sun trines Nep­tune and helps us imag­ine dif­fer­ent pos­si­bil­i­ties. Use the cre­ative fer­ment to imag­ine and pre­pare new plans and ac­tions. The veil be­tween the worlds is still thin; we may feel spir­its nearby.

WED­NES­DAY, NOV. 2: Our imag­i­na­tion builds up speed, our in­ge­nu­ity kicks into gear, and we’re will­ing to solve prob­lems as Mer­cury sex­tiles Pluto. Re­cent rev­e­la­tions may shed new light on fam­ily or cul­tural his­tory and help us fig­ure out how to keep the best and heal the rest.

THURS­DAY, NOV. 3: Com­mu­ni­cate; it’s now eas­ier to be hon­est and get past more del­i­cate feel­ings. Stay fo­cused on so­lu­tions.

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