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THIS IS A WEEK OF AD­JUST­MENTS and the real be­gin­ning to the work of 2017. In­voke the seren­ity prayer — change what needs to be changed, ac­cept what can­not be changed, and pray for the wis­dom to know the dif­fer­ence — as the sun con­juncts pow­er­ful Pluto and squares in­ge­nious, cat­alyz­ing Uranus. Mer­cury turns di­rect af­ter three weeks ret­ro­grade.

We have a lot to do and deal with, and may not feel like do­ing so. Our emo­tions oc­ca­sion­ally well up, leav­ing us feel­ing un­cer­tain with Venus and Mars now in Pisces. Our minds are brought back to what we sulk over, grieve for, and growl about as the sun con­juncts Pluto. Next week takes our minds back out the other side and asks how can we feel em­pow­ered again and where can we find new in­spi­ra­tion.

On Fri­day, a feisty Aries moon can make us ir­ri­ta­ble, but it can also push us out of our nests. Through the week­end, we may feel opin­ion­ated but in­de­ci­sive. Ac­ci­dent-prone, we’ll need more time for de­lays and tech­ni­cal sna­fus. If ten­sion looms, lis­ten to the feel­ings un­der­neath — the real cause of the dis­tur­bance in the force.

To ease this ten­sion, reach for the com­forts of this week­end’s Taurus moon and get grounded. On Sun­day, as Mer­cury turns di­rect, the flow of thoughts and ac­tions im­proves, but we may have to ad­just the plans we’ve made. Early next week, a Gemini moon helps us com­mu­ni­cate, mul­ti­task, and re­con­nect. Stay loose and ready to ad­just as our emo­tional and lo­gis­ti­cal land­scape shifts while beau­ti­ful Venus semisquares Uranus.

We get an in­fu­sion of de­ter­mi­na­tion mid­week as mil­i­tant Mars sex­tiles Pluto, which gives us the en­ergy to start 2017, but can also rat­tle some spears. Like a small ter­rier bark­ing at a pit bull, some peo­ple re­spond to un­nec­es­sary hawk­ish com­ments. Venus con­juncts Nep­tune on Thurs­day and brings in a dream­like qual­ity, but whether those dreams are good ones is up to us.

FRI­DAY, JAN. 6: Im­pa­tient speed can break us out of a rut as the Aries moon trines Mer­cury. Shift to slow and steady mid­day as the moon en­ters Taurus. We can imag­ine dis­as­ters while the sun con­juncts Pluto and are en­cour­aged to honor our high­est pri­or­i­ties.

SATUR­DAY, JAN. 7: Ques­tions of power haunt head­lines. Souls long for pur­pose and di­rec­tion, but ev­ery­thing may feel like it’s swirling in place. Turn dis­cour­age­ment into de­ter­mi­na­tion laced with pa­tience. Be gen­tly hon­est and build trust.

SUN­DAY, JAN. 8: The mood shifts as Mer­cury turns di­rect and the moon en­ters ver­bal Gemini. The com­mu­ni­ca­tion flow im­proves. What has been hid­den be­gins to be re­vealed. Talk it all out tonight.

MON­DAY, JAN. 9: We’re fi­nally ready to look ahead, though this may not put us in the best of moods as the moon squares Venus. Lis­ten to a tough wake-up call as a fog of il­lu­sion dis­si­pates — now we can get to work.

TUES­DAY, JAN. 10: Be flex­i­ble, think fast, and ad­just plans to re­spond to po­ten­tially shock­ing new in­for­ma­tion as the sun squares in­ge­nious, change-pro­duc­ing Uranus. When the world feels edgy, peo­ple re­spond with self-pro­tec­tion as the moon en­ters sen­si­tive Can­cer tonight.

WED­NES­DAY, JAN. 11: We hunger for ap­pre­ci­a­tion. Although we may feel eas­ily flooded by feel­ings, we hit a groove on prac­ti­cal mat­ters as mo­ti­vat­ing Mars sex­tiles Pluto. Keep power dy­nam­ics clean and side­step ma­nip­u­la­tive peo­ple.

THURS­DAY, JAN. 12: Emo­tions flow while our prac­ti­cal mind knuck­les down with new ef­fi­ciency un­der a Can­cer full moon. Peo­ple can get anx­ious if they feel out of control, but re­lax when they know the chal­lenge is be­ing han­dled. www.roan­rob­

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