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REST­LESS EN­ERGY PRO­PELS US FOR­WARD as the im­pa­tient Aries sun ap­proaches a con­junc­tion with elec­tri­fy­ing Uranus and a square to Pluto this week. How­ever, Mer­cury ret­ro­grades, or ap­pears to back up against the zo­diac, from Sun­day, April 9, to May 3, and slows down all things mer­cu­rial — like how we plan, think, speak, or­ga­nize, and move through the world.

Yes, this will give us mo­ments of frus­tra­tion. But it’s not an im­pos­si­ble time, and there are real gifts to Mer­cury ret­ro­grade that we need to sa­vor. This as­pect brings the past close — we could find grand­mother’s ring that rolled un­der­neath the couch months ago. If our work has been slow, now is a great time to reach out to old clients or con­nec­tions.

In or­der to thrive over the next three weeks, con­firm all ap­point­ments, clar­ify fuzzy in­for­ma­tion, and check in with one an­other of­ten to make sure ev­ery­one’s on the same track. Be­cause our judg­ment can be ques­tion­able, mea­sure twice and cut once. Al­low ex­tra time to ac­com­plish even sim­ple tasks. Make sure emails ac­tu­ally get out — and to the right per­son.

The week­end be­gins on a po­ten­tially cranky note as the sun op­poses Jupiter un­der an in­dus­tri­ous Virgo moon. Let’s be par­tic­u­larly nice to one an­other this week — our re­la­tion­ships can feel tested by stress and com­mu­ni­ca­tion glitches as Venus squares Saturn this week­end.

FRI­DAY, APRIL 7: As the Virgo moon trines Mer­cury in Tau­rus this morn­ing, we can over­sched­ule and feel rushed all day. This can cre­ate anx­i­ety un­less we take time to catch up and pri­or­i­tize what we re­ally need to ac­com­plish be­fore Mer­cury ret­ro­grades. Flow into realms of imag­i­na­tion and spirit as the moon op­poses Nep­tune tonight.

SATUR­DAY, APRIL 8: It’s too easy to get de­fen­sive and bark at one an­other, when what we re­ally need to do is to hold hands as Venus squares Saturn on this tricky day. Un­con­scious ma­te­rial can cause us to act out, and we should stick to­gether if bizarre things hap­pen. But this deep, hard­work­ing, and un­der­ground en­ergy is good for weed­ing gar­dens or tack­ling the par­tic­u­larly gnarly cor­ners of our lives.

SUN­DAY, APRIL 9: Let’s take a break and rest and re­new as Mer­cury ret­ro­grades un­der a friendly Li­bra moon. Re­fill the wells now — we’ll need that re­silience later. MON­DAY, APRIL 10: Don’t drop the ball; fol­low through on un­fin­ished busi­ness with de­ter­mi­na­tion, but also look out for a sit­u­a­tion that needs our full at­ten­tion over the next few weeks. Co­op­er­a­tion and mu­tual ap­pre­ci­a­tion help make all things pos­si­ble as the moon con­juncts op­ti­mistic Jupiter this evening and peaks full just af­ter mid­night. TUES­DAY, APRIL 11: Emo­tions over­flow and problems come to a boil. Im­por­tant karmic turn­ing points arise, and we need to fol­low through in good ways. Stay in the mo­ment rather than worry about the past or the fu­ture, and all will be well. It is im­por­tant to be com­pe­tent at mid­day. The moon en­ters in­tense Scorpio tonight. WED­NES­DAY, APRIL 12: We try to be ra­tio­nal, but emo­tions re­ally run the show. Don’t tell peo­ple to calm down; be help­ful in­stead. Nod sym­pa­thet­i­cally now and talk ev­ery­thing over in a few days. Make it through tech­ni­cal hard­ships mid­day. Our souls may need quiet tonight as the Scorpio moon trines Nep­tune.

THURS­DAY, APRIL 13: Ex­pect the un­ex­pected as the sun con­juncts ec­cen­tric Uranus and deals us wild cards with a sense of ur­gency. We may eas­ily be­come in­flamed this af­ter­noon, but re­cent ten­sion can break tonight and bring out a silly streak.

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