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LET’S STAY LIGHT ON OUR FEET and roll with the flow to make the most of this pe­cu­liar week. Adapt­abil­ity is the medicine we need for a pos­si­ble am­bi­ent un­der­ly­ing anx­i­ety as the plan­ets make many sub­tle changes that in­sti­gate shifts in weather and moods, changes in our op­por­tu­ni­ties, and chal­lenges through­out the week.

On Fri­day, an ir­ri­ta­ble Virgo moon sharp­ens our ed­i­to­rial abil­ity and en­cour­ages us to imag­ine the worst-case sce­nar­ios. We can mul­ti­task with the best, but let’s not of­fer a work cri­tique un­less we care­fully look for the good. We can ob­serve some­thing truly im­por­tant about our­selves, though, if we ask what ac­tions come from our anx­ious­ness rather than from wis­dom, and see if we can level that out.

This week­end of­fers a beau­ti­ful opportunity for emo­tional or so­ci­etal heal­ing as the moon en­ters flir­ta­tious, so­cia­ble, and so­cial-jus­tice-prone Libra while heart-ac­ti­vat­ing Venus con­juncts change-maker Uranus. We could all use a change of pace and may feel un­usu­ally open to new ex­pe­ri­ences and con­nec­tions.

En­joy that ideal­is­tic mo­ment as cyn­i­cism and self-pro­tec­tion swell up again when Mars en­ters Cancer on Sun­day and the moon en­ters Scorpio on Mon­day. To­gether they re­mind us to take care of busi­ness on the per­sonal front. Early in the week the mood is more in­tro­verted and touchy, and our at­ten­tion is di­rected to the mark made on our per­sonal lives by other peo­ple’s de­ci­sions. It’s im­por­tant to be hon­est about what we feel and need, rather than go silent and test love with the at­ti­tude that if they don’t know, we’re not go­ing to tell them.

FRI­DAY, JUNE 2: We may be called to mul­ti­task and jug­gle dif­fer­ing projects, opin­ions, and per­son­al­i­ties, but let’s not get cranky with one an­other when we worry. It’s im­por­tant to work for what we want, even if we don’t get it right now, so let’s send clear sig­nals of our in­ten­tions. Sharp edges pro­duce in­ju­di­cious com­ments in late af­ter­noon, but the mood grows more talk­a­tive, so­cia­ble, and ac­cept­ing as the moon en­ters friendly Libra tonight.

SATUR­DAY, JUNE 3: Get out there and make the world a bet­ter place. Con­nect with peo­ple around a cause while Venus con­juncts Uranus in proac­tive Aries. Keep eyes open for new con­nec­tions along the way. The mood is gen­er­ally open and op­ti­mistic, but re­sis­tance can spark quickly wher­ever we feel cor­nered.

SUN­DAY, JUNE 4: Con­cerns can make us cranky as men­tal Mer­cury chal­lenges se­ri­ous Saturn and Mars en­ters do­mes­tic, self-pro­tec­tive Cancer. Clar­ify to avoid mis­un­der­stand­ings mid­day. We need time off to let our at­ten­tion wan­der and to feel safe as the sun squares Nep­tune.

MON­DAY, JUNE 5: Tend to busi­ness this morn­ing with ef­fi­ciency and re­serve as the moon in Scorpio sharp­ens fo­cus and cyn­i­cism. Strive for a bal­anced, nu­anced view, even if it is a stretch.

TUES­DAY, JUNE 6: Our hearts calm down and our minds speed up as Venus en­ters earthy, sen­sual Taurus while men­tal Mer­cury en­ters nervy, ver­bal Gemini. En­gage in a pointed con­ver­sa­tion about world events tonight.

WED­NES­DAY, JUNE 7: Emo­tional sludge can con­gest our hearts this morn­ing. We may need to have a long talk with our­selves and get hon­est about some­thing we’ve been avoid­ing. The mood shifts quickly this af­ter­noon as the moon en­ters ac­tive Sagittarius. Con­tacts with peo­ple far away may feel eas­ier than those with peo­ple close by.

THURS­DAY, JUNE 8: Dif­fi­cul­ties need to be dis­cussed, but peo­ple will be more hon­est if we talk the mat­ter through tan­gen­tially rather than con­front it di­rectly. Let peo­ple change the sub­ject and cir­cle back to the work. Look un­der­neath ner­vous­ness for hope­ful­ness and real in­ter­est.

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