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MAKE GOOD USE of discontent this week­end and find some­thing in­dus­tri­ous to do. As the moon waxes full in com­pe­tent Capricorn and the sun op­poses se­ri­ous Pluto, we be­come newly aware of what needs to be done, whether we’re look­ing at world pol­i­tics or a brush pile in the back­yard. We can get grumpy or over­whelmed if we look too far ahead, but we can cer­tainly put one foot in front of the other and make some progress.

The last few weeks have had a driv­ing qual­ity to them, which can make it hard to en­joy more than a few mo­ments in the sun. This as­pect stirs any in­ner demons that whis­per we are not enough or have not done enough, which can de­press us, in­spire us to im­prove, or kick­start a ruth­less de­ter­mi­na­tion.

Any full moon high­lights op­pos­ing needs. This one re­veals the dif­fer­ence be­tween the sun in Can­cer’s en­cour­age­ment to nest and rest and Capricorn’s de­ter­mi­na­tion, which longs for ac­com­plish­able goals in order to feel con­tent.

But all is not work. For the next few weeks, Mer­cury in Leo may bring out the bom­bast in politi­cians, but also lends an out­go­ing qual­ity which en­cour­ages us to tell sto­ries and make new ac­quain­tances. This week, that new­found ex­tro­ver­sion is sup­ported by a lovely trine from Venus in so­cia­ble Gemini, which in­tro­duces a fresh sense of hu­mor when we are not work­ing on those in­ner demons.

Early next week, the moon in com­mu­nal Aquarius helps us to work with our com­mu­ni­ties. To­wards the end of the week, the moon in sen­si­tive Pisces en­cour­ages us to catch up with our­selves emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally, and to tend our spir­its and rest our bod­ies.

FRI­DAY, JULY 7: Me­an­der un­der the rest­less Sagittarius moon. A fresh se­ri­ous­ness in­fuses mid­day as the moon waxes into Capricorn and nudges us to be more in­dus­tri­ous. Tonight, peo­ple may want some­one to care about what they’ve been do­ing; ask the right ques­tions and lis­ten.

SATUR­DAY, JULY 8: We still feel an ex­is­ten­tial nag­ging to get to work. This af­ter­noon helps us ne­go­ti­ate for aes­thet­ics, whether we’re bar­gain­ing for an­tiques or nav­i­gat­ing where to put the fur­ni­ture. Tonight’s full moon asks us to en­gage our pri­or­i­ties; what­ever we do, we won’t want to do it half­heart­edly.

SUN­DAY, JULY 9: Aches and pains can leave us ill-tem­pered this morn­ing. Strong opin­ions may cause clashes but could be part of our in­ner cre­ative process. How can we hold our vi­sion and yet give room for an­other to hold theirs? Grim thoughts can haunt, or just leave us won­der­ing if we have what it takes. Let’s use these con­cerns to re­con­nect with our hearts.

MON­DAY, JULY 10: Jump back in the fray and reen­gage with the com­mu­nity. Work through lo­gis­ti­cal dif­fi­cul­ties midafter­noon and par­don so­cial gaffes tonight as the moon op­poses Mer­cury.

TUES­DAY, JULY 11: Take ad­van­tage of a so­cia­ble open­ness to fur­ther any project that re­quires co­op­er­a­tion as the moon trines Jupiter. Some will get caught up in their ideas, so don’t count on ten­der con­sid­er­a­tion, but do look for open minds.

WED­NES­DAY, JULY 12: Slow down. The moon en­ters Pisces and we feel ev­ery­thing, like walk­ing bare­foot across peb­bles. A story can tug our heart­strings this af­ter­noon.

THURS­DAY, JULY 13: It’s not that we don’t care about other peo­ple’s feel­ings this morn­ing — it’s that we may care too much, which can leave us want­ing ex­tra in­su­la­tion as the Pisces moon con­juncts Nep­tune. Make it safe to be sen­si­tive, and avoid any­thing that smacks of guilt-trip­ping. Stay self-re­spon­si­ble and em­pow­ered.

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