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Pasatiempo - - PASATIEMPO - Heather Roan Robbins

HAPPY GROUND­HOG DAY, oth­er­wise known as Can­dle­mas, Im­bolc, feast of the rowan tree, and the turn­ing point half­way through win­ter. It’s tra­di­tion­ally a day to take an­i­mal au­guries, so let’s no­tice what birds and beasts we ob­serve and won­der what their sym­bolic sig­nif­i­cance might be to our lives. Let life be a di­a­logue with the nat­u­ral world.

This half­way mark can bring new con­nec­tions as the sun, Mer­cury, and Venus are in so­cia­ble Aquar­ius, along with Mars in up­beat Sagit­tar­ius. Th­ese ex­tro­verted signs don’t mean we won’t love our soli­tude, but we may need to in­ter­act more and find we’re able to do so. So­cial lives bus­tle, and peo­ple may be un­usu­ally re­cep­tive to our over­tures. We can be tact­lessly hon­est at the mo­ment, but in a straight­for­ward man­ner that al­lows us to tackle awk­ward con­ver­sa­tions. But tem­pers will rise quickly if we’re told lies.

The week­end starts out on a more se­date and se­ri­ous note un­der a busy Virgo moon, while Venus forms mi­nor but un­com­fort­able as­pects to in­tense Pluto and re­stric­tive Saturn. Cre­ative or aes­thetic de­ci­sions need ex­tra fi­nagling. Be pa­tient with one an­other and don’t let the lit­tle things get in the way of real feel­ings.

Satur­day ends on a more ro­man­tic note as the moon en­ters Li­bra. A lit­tle sim­ple ap­pre­ci­a­tion and care that our beloveds are happy and com­fort­able will be enough to keep the fires warm. Mon­day evening, the moon en­ters fo­cused Scor­pio and we can gird our loins and start grit­ting our teeth. The rest of the week bears us out with stub­born­ness and in­ge­nu­ity.

FRI­DAY, FEB. 2: We may have high ex­pec­ta­tions but low en­ergy this morn­ing. The af­ter­noon is pro­duc­tive if edgy, as vague emo­tional dis­con­tent can trig­ger our need for self-suf­fi­ciency. Fa­mil­iar com­forts help tonight.

SATUR­DAY, FEB. 3: Overnight ir­ri­tabil­ity can leave odd traces in our dreams. Some im­por­tant project may de­mand at­ten­tion, but that pri­or­ity may not be shared. Take care of in­flam­ma­tions, in­fec­tions, or fiery moods as Mars semisquares Pluto. The en­ergy sweet­ens this evening as the moon en­ters friendly Li­bra.

SUN­DAY, FEB. 4: Cyn­i­cism com­petes with a de­sire to see beauty in the world as we com­pare our ideals to our present re­al­ity. Let’s be hon­est with our­selves and find what is worth loving around us. Be spar­ing with phys­i­cal re­sources to­day, but ex­pend en­ergy freely through cre­ativ­ity and men­tal in­ge­nu­ity.

MON­DAY, FEB. 5: We could feel in­ad­e­quate this morn­ing, but in­stead of get­ting out of sorts, let’s tackle a spe­cific prob­lem. Look for good con­nec­tions mid­day as the moon trines Venus. Be flex­i­ble this af­ter­noon. Tonight, the moon en­ters broody Scor­pio and calls us to do our own home­work.

TUESDAY, FEB. 6: We may spout our philoso­phies, but act on more prim­i­tive re­sponses, and we prob­a­bly won’t see the para­dox. If we’re truly hon­est with our­selves and ac­cept one an­other, we also dis­cover self-un­der­stand­ing and fresh emo­tional in­ti­macy. Women can cat­alyze in­ter­est­ing cul­tural changes.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 7: An old worry can bother us this morn­ing. Some peo­ple may try to feel bet­ter by blam­ing their con­cerns on oth­ers, but this doesn’t help. Search for fresh op­tions in­stead. In late af­ter­noon, peo­ple are more cau­tiously op­ti­mistic and gen­er­ous as the moon con­juncts Jupiter. Im­por­tant re­search or in­ves­ti­ga­tion can ex­pand our world.

THURS­DAY, FEB. 8: Pay at­ten­tion this morn­ing. Op­ti­mism, and the need for it un­der duress, in­crease as the moon en­ters up­beat Sagit­tar­ius. Mid­day, ten­sion needs hon­est pos­i­tiv­ity. A mis­chievous and dark twist to our hu­mor can help. ◀

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