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WHAT WOULD WE DO FOR LOVE? Valen­tine’s Day falls amid flu sea­son, when not much but our heart chakras are keep­ing our world alight. This year, a haunt­ing Venus-Pluto as­pect makes it even more poignant. So let’s ex­plore what rad­i­cal and sim­ple acts of love and com­pas­sion we can share.

This Aquar­ian hol­i­day speaks more to the the­ory of love than it does to ro­mance. At its worst, Valen­tine’s Day leaves an im­age of what we “should” feel and can make us cyn­i­cal about our love lives. At its best, this hol­i­day en­cour­ages us to love all hu­mankind.

Valen­tine’s Day oc­curs be­tween the lu­nar eclipse on Jan. 31 and a par­tial so­lar eclipse on Thurs­day, Feb. 15. These eclipses can pare away some dead wood in our lives and en­cour­age us to re­view our re­cent per­sonal and po­lit­i­cal his­to­ries. They can also help us re­lease habits that no longer serve us. This com­ing new moon en­cour­ages us to build some­thing that re­ally en­er­gizes us.

But first, we need to pay ex­tra at­ten­tion to what we say and what we write through early next week as Mer­cury forms dif­fi­cult as­pects with Saturn and Jupiter. We may feel highly opin­ion­ated and gruff, which could com­pli­cate Valen­tine’s Day plans.

Early in the week, it’s im­por­tant to re­view the warm spots in our lives as Venus chal­lenges Pluto. If we’re cel­e­brat­ing the hol­i­day ro­man­ti­cally, it helps to re­view first meet­ings and soft mo­ments. If we’re cel­e­brat­ing alone or with friends, re­view the mo­ments when we brought joy or warmth to another’s life.

FRI­DAY, FEB. 9: Meet­ings and bu­reau­cratic wran­gling can com­pli­cate our work but may po­ten­tially be pro­duc­tive. Play­ful­ness helps tonight — find some­thing to laugh about in a weary world.

SATUR­DAY, FEB. 10: Get out and me­an­der. Be spon­ta­neous and dis­cover new pos­si­bil­i­ties. Venus en­ters sen­ti­men­tal Pisces this af­ter­noon and moves us more into our hearts — just rein in the im­pulse to spend money. Evening grows more se­ri­ous as the moon en­ters Capricorn — watch a ten­dency to be ma­nip­u­la­tive.

SUN­DAY, FEB. 11: That in­dus­tri­ous Capricorn moon con­juncts se­ri­ous Saturn, which can bring a dour note. We may be painfully aware of an im­bal­ance of power in our lives or con­structs that are not work­ing for us, and we will feel bet­ter if we take a step to ad­dress these is­sues. Capricorn says, “Don’t get mad (or sad); get ef­fi­cient.”

MON­DAY, FEB. 12: A dead­line looms or a sit­u­a­tion comes to a crunch as both Mer­cury and the moon as­pect Pluto this morn­ing. Be com­pas­sion­ate, but don’t fo­cus on worry; in­stead, or­ga­nize, con­struct, and do the work. Peo­ple get flus­tered eas­ily but will re­spond to a re­al­is­tic and hope­ful plan.

TUES­DAY, FEB. 13: The con­ver­sa­tion opens up as the moon en­ters spa­cious Aquarius. If we drop our cyn­i­cism, we can feel seedlings of ide­al­ism and en­thu­si­asm sprout. En­gage, but make only re­al­is­tic prom­ises. Brain­storm great ideas and ru­mi­nate on good mo­ments.

WED­NES­DAY, FEB. 14: Rad­i­cal acts of com­pas­sion are help­ful. Give out Valen­tines to the whole com­mu­nity, just like we did in sec­ond grade. Go to a fundraiser. At­tend a speed-dat­ing event. Re­live de­li­cious mo­ments of the past. Be kind to one another’s hearts as Venus semisquares Pluto and stirs poignant un­der­tones.

THURS­DAY, FEB. 15: We may need to let go of a the­ory, a fan­tasy, or an un­pro­duc­tive path in or­der to make room for fresh dreams and new pos­si­bil­i­ties on this new moon eclipse. The mood grows more sen­si­tive and sen­ti­men­tal tonight as the moon en­ters Pisces.

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