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On Fri­day, Sept. 21, Mer­cury en­ters Li­bra, sym­bol­ized by a set of scales. On Sat­ur­day, the sun en­ters Li­bra and marks the fall equinox, when light and dark, yin and yang, come to a bal­ance. We can use this equilibrium to bring our own lives into bal­ance.

Dys­func­tion abides wher­ever more re­sources are taken out than re­stored. We live a sus­tain­able life when we’re re­newed enough by the joy and sat­is­fac­tion we re­ceive to match our out­put. A re­la­tion­ship where we feel mu­tu­ally sup­ported has the stur­di­ness to hold through many tests; a com­mu­nity where we can count on good­will and fair­ness is strong enough to han­dle any chal­lenge. This is the song of Li­bra: no jus­tice, no peace; know jus­tice, know peace.

The stars ask us to as­sess our lives and ad­dress in­equal­i­ties on the work-life and food-ex­er­cise spec­trums, as well as try to ad­just is­sues of po­lit­i­cal and eco­nomic eq­uity. We may not be able to fix these overnight, but a re­assess­ment can in­spire an im­por­tant tra­jec­tory.

Dead­lines im­pinge on Fri­day with the sun in Virgo and the moon in po­lit­i­cal Aquar­ius. But on Sat­ur­day, the en­ergy soft­ens and be­comes more per­sonal and vul­ner­a­ble as the moon en­ters heart-cen­tered Pisces. On Mon­day, the moon waxes full in feisty Aries; we may have some tough de­ci­sions to make, feel we need to prove our in­de­pen­dence, or want to walk on the wild side. The week ends on a more sen­sual and stub­born Tau­rus moon.

Watch the self-cri­tique and ex­am­ine what’s been done right lately. Com­plete projects, edit ju­di­ciously, and an­a­lyze with kind­ness. Our aware­ness mag­ni­fies of pol­i­tics and world events. As Mer­cury en­ters Li­bra late tonight, we may need to talk to peo­ple with whom we agree.

Feel an emo­tional high tide as the wax­ing moon en­ters sen­si­tive Pisces. Keep ex­pec­ta­tions low and know that peo­ple’s senses of tim­ing could be off. We need ex­tra gen­tle­ness with words as we’ll feel un­usu­ally sen­si­tive to ug­li­ness or in­jus­tices, though we can un­fold around beauty and artistry. Mark the fall equinox this evening.

Our minds may have un­usual tenac­ity, for bet­ter or worse, as Mer­cury squares Saturn. We can ob­sess on a con­cern un­less we choose where to ex­er­cise the men­tal mus­cles care­fully; if we free the mind, the heart will fol­low.

Let the avail­able Li­bran tact and diplo­macy work for the antsy Aries moon mo­ti­va­tion and oc­ca­sional sense of out­rage. Lis­ten care­fully as peo­ple speak — they may be be­ing tact­ful, but find the ker­nel of truth. The full moon tonight is howl-wor­thy.

If we can get all the horses head­ing in the same di­rec­tion, we’ll have in­cred­i­ble re­sources. If not, we’ll feel re­ally tired. Our feel­ings and thoughts can be at odds and need me­di­a­tion. Find the in­ter­sec­tion be­tween in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal needs as the sun squares Saturn.

Dis­cour­age­ment and frus­tra­tion are ex­is­ten­tial con­di­tions, and prob­a­bly not a com­men­tary on our lives. A post full-moon hang­over can leave us twitchy and point out what’s still out of whack and needs work. Tonight, we’ll feel bet­ter af­ter a great con­ver­sa­tion.

An earthy Tau­rus moon asks us to get back to busi­ness, ren­o­vate, and re­or­ga­nize. Be­cause the sun also trines en­er­giz­ing Mars to­day, we’ll have steady en­ergy to draw from once we get go­ing. Make good de­ci­sions around din­ner­time and in­vest in com­fort tonight.

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