As thrifty as they are salty, con­trib­u­tor-cruis­ers Jay & Karen Camp­bell of­fer up their se­crets on six in­dis­pens­able tools to keep on­board.

Passage Maker - - @Rest - BY JAY & KAREN CAMP­BELL

Karen and I are gear­heads who cruise. Show me a new cool cruis­ing tool, and I swoon. Make it af­ford­able, and I drool. Con­vince me it’s tested and cruiser-ready, and I click the link to buy now. If you are any­thing like us, get ready to add at least one low­price pur­chase to your bet­ter boat­ing “Gotta Get” list. (We have no con­nec­tion to any of these com­pa­nies, by the way).

So, what’s our cri­te­ria for mak­ing this list? If we show a slick piece of boat­ing gear we love to cruis­ing guests on Largo, and the reg­u­lar re­sponse is: “where can I get one?” it makes the list. Here are six out of a baker’s dozen in reg­u­lar ro­ta­tion on Largo. For more items, ones that couldn’t fit in this col­umn, stay tuned for more on pas­sage­

So here they are: slick and use­ful tools we couldn’t do with­out—wouldn’t do with­out—and not one costs over $30.


Most cruis­ers dread fuel tank trans­fers. Decks are slip­pery and dinghies rock while one hand holds a fun­nel and the other tilts the feeder tank. It al­ways spills. Cruis­ing is hard enough with­out dump­ing fuel into a wave-tossed boat. We’ve used Ter­aPump bat­tery fuel pumps on our boat for years to trans­fer gas, diesel, and wa­ter. This model trans­fers liq­uid at a rate of 10 quarts per minute. Nearly 500 re­views on Ama­zon an av­er­age user rat­ing of 4.7/5. We love these pumps. Just put one end in the fuel or other liq­uid, flip the switch, and watch this lit­tle giant suck your trou­bles away through the trans­par­ent flex­i­ble hose.

Ter­aPump $15-$20


Ar­gu­ments over an­chor tackle are un­avoid­able, but I have yet to hear any­thing but love for this lit­tle gem from Crosby. It is rated to equal or ex­ceed your chain’s work­ing and break­ing loads (this de­scrip­tion is for the 3/8-inch shackle, with a 1-ton work­ing load limit). It has a threaded bolt and cot­ter pin de­signed for belt-and-sus­penders cov­er­age.

Above Left: This lineup of “Gotta Get Gear” in­cludes: Can Caps, for keep­ing drinks fresh; An NRS 1.5-inch cam buckle lash­ing strap; Crosby gal­va­nized an­chor shackle with a threaded bolt and cot­ter pin; 2 of the Cressi take- down dive knives, show­ing one as­sem­bled and the other taken apart for clean­ing and oil­ing.

Left: This ¾-inch dock line shows one use (of many) for the Ball Bungee Cords (these are the 9-inch va­ri­ety). Vir­tu­ally ev­ery line and ex­ten­sion cord on our boat is se­cured with these fab­u­lous stretchy cords.

Above: Karen demon­strates how easy fuel trans­fer is on our dinghy: Sim­ply drop the Ter­aPump draw­ing end into the filler tank, and place the flex­i­ble trans­par­ent fuel hose into the empty dinghy tank. Done with spills for­ever.

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