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Lots of trawlers pack around kayaks, play boats, and bikes, but where does one put all these toys? Usu­ally the only op­tion for trans­port­ing toys is to clut­ter the decks, strap them to the rails, stuff them into the dinghy on the fly­bridge deck, or “stow” them out on the sid­edecks or fore­deck. But what if you could take a qual­ity tour­ing sea kayak, suited for any­thing from a day pad­dle to a multi-day trip, and pack it into your lazarette? The Trak 2.0 Kayak of­fers you just that op­tion.

Built in Al­berta, Canada, Trak Kayaks launched an Indi­gogo cam­paign at the end of June in or­der to raise the nec­es­sary fund­ing to be­gin pro­duc­ing their new­est launch, the 2.0. Trak has al­ready raised over 750% of its goal to be­gin build­ing the ul­ti­mate fold­ing tour kayak. This isn’t their first fold­ing kayak, though: Trak’s ST16 was well re­ceived and pad­dled by many.

The 2.0 is a skin-over-frame de­sign, with its rigid­ity com­ing from build­ing out the bow and stern with alu­minum poles and frames. The frame­work is in­serted into the kayak skin through a zip­per open­ing in the af­ter end of the kayak. Once as­sem­bled and placed in­side the skin, three hy­draulic rams are used to cre­ate the ten­sion on the frame that stretches the skin drum-tight. But the rams don’t just tighten the boat’s skin, they can also be ad­justed to change the hull shape to adapt to dif­fer­ent wa­ter con­di­tions. For ex­am­ple, since the boat doesn’t have a tra­di­tional ar­tic­u­lat­ing rud­der, ad­just­ments can be made to in­duce a slight bend in the frame to help the kayak through quar­ter­ing seas.

Any se­ri­ous cruis­ing boat is go­ing to love the fold-up de­sign as well as the abil­ity to stow the boat in out-of-the-way lo­ca­tions while not be­ing used so that it won’t be need­lessly ex­posed to harsh con­di­tions on deck. We think the Trak 2.0 will be a top-rated kayak that won’t sac­ri­fice sea­wor­thy per­for­mance for the added ben­e­fit of stowa­bil­ity.

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