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Ev­ery boat owner knows the im­por­tance of haul­ing out. Power wash the bot­tom and ap­ply fresh an­tifoul­ing, change the zincs, in­spect the shaft seals, through-hulls and trans­duc­ers. Put her back in the wa­ter and touch up the bright­work, pol­ish the stain­less, clean the cushions. Haul­ing out an­nu­ally will help keep your boat ship­shape; ne­glect it for even one sea­son, and you’ll in­evitably re­gret it.

The time has come for this mag­a­zine to spend some time at the yard. We’re work­ing on a de­sign and con­tent over­haul to pre­pare Pas­sage­Maker for many cruis­ing sea­sons to come. Like the fa­mil­iar rum­ble of your Ford-Lehman, you’ll rec­og­nize long­time con­trib­u­tors Steve Zim­mer­man, Nigel Calder and Dag Pike. We’re also adding some new voices, such as Robert Reeder, Ce­cilia Kiely, Bob Ar­ring­ton and Stephe­nie Hol­ly­man as we delve deeper into such matters as weather, elec­tron­ics and the gear that helps you get the most from your time at sea.

And speak­ing of new faces, our de­sign will also be markedly dif­fer­ent to im­prove story flow and read­abil­ity, and to help you bet­ter com­pre­hend some of our com­plex how-to ar­ti­cles. We’ll have much more to dis­cuss when the re­design launches later this year, but for now, we’re thrilled to be in the slings and anx­ious to get back to where we be­long: on the wa­ter.

On an­other mat­ter, a 10-year sub­scriber emailed to of­fer a cri­tique of our May/ June cover (right), which fea­tured an As­pen power cat. Nor­mally his let­ter and my re­sponse would run in CrossTalk, but since this is our “Blue­wa­ter” is­sue, I thought this space was a bet­ter fit.

I want to thank Jerry—and any­one else—who takes the time to write us with praise, ques­tions or con­cerns. Among other things, Jerry wrote: “Your lat­est is­sue has a cata­ma­ran on the cover. I found this rather strange, as I do not con­sider this type of ves­sel a ‘pas­sage­maker.’ ”

First­hand ac­counts of cir­cum­nav­i­gat­ing in power-driven ves­sels are what in­spired Pas­sage­Maker founders Bill and Lau­rene Par­la­tore to cre­ate the mag­a­zine, and th­ese sto­ries con­tinue to fuel us. Over the years, own­ers of Nord­havns, Kro­gens, North­erns and a bevy of custom trawlers have con­tributed to—or in­spired—many of th­ese sto­ries. Th­ese ad­ven­tur­ers who set out to ex­plore the oceans have in­spired count­less read­ers, in­clud­ing those who might be un­able to make such a com­mit­ment of time and re­sources. With ev­ery is­sue, we aim to cel­e­brate the ad­ven­tur­ous spirit that so

ap­peals to our read­ers, many of whom have been cruis­ing with Pas­sage­Maker since 1995.

Here is where Jerry and I may dif­fer: I be­lieve the As­pen C120 fits squarely within our mis­sion. This cata­ma­ran earned its stripes cruis­ing more than 10,000 blue­wa­ter miles, in­clud­ing the Pa­cific from Dixon En­trance to Cape Men­do­cino and be­yond. Larry Graf ’s de­signs have with­stood the test of time, and th­ese ca­pa­ble boats be­long in the con­ver­sa­tion, even if they don’t fit the mold of a tra­di­tional pas­sage­mak­ing ves­sel. Safe cruis­ing,


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