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Our list of the best PC games, as a lot of our fea­tures do, be­gins as a col­lab­o­ra­tive spread­sheet. Each edi­tor sub­mits a ranked list of 15 games, from which our mas­ter 100 is born.

Born scream­ing, of course: there’s a layer of dis­agree­ment that prac­ti­cally hangs in the air all week as we ar­gue about which clas­sic games don’t hold up, which mod­ern games are un­ap­pre­ci­ated, and why BioShock is a bet­ter RPG than Dark Souls. You’re with me on that last one, right? As ever, we in­vite you to add to this prac­ti­cally tan­gi­ble fog of ar­gu­ing-about-games: write to us at let­

In be­tween yelling at my col­leagues, I flew up to Ed­mon­ton to spend time with Dragon Age: In­qui­si­tion, this month’s cover sub­ject. This is the big­gest RPG BioWare has ever made, and the scale of the project made me re­al­ize why so few de­vel­op­ers are mak­ing block­buster RPGs. One more thing: we’d love to have you as a viewer of The PC Gamer Show ( com/pcgamer), our new reg­u­lar video se­ries. Our goal is to pro­duce some­thing that speaks to the is­sues and ex­pe­ri­ences that we as PC gamers are pas­sion­ate about, and I’d love to hear what you think.

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