“I haven’t starved and therein lies a mighty vic­tory for pedantry”

Mak­ing waves in DON’T STARVE


Ihaven’t starved. That’s what I cling onto ev­ery time I try to get some­where with Klei’s rock-hard sur­vival game, Don’t Starve. I’ve died a gazil­lion other ways, but I haven’t starved, and therein lies a mighty vic­tory for pedantry. There were the shadow mon­sters, which is how I re­mem­bered about san­ity. There was that en­counter with those snakes, which taught me that poi­son doesn’t wear off. There was the de­ci­sion to avoid dis­turb­ing the bees, which saw me chan­nel my thwarted de­sire to poke some­thing with a spear into dis­turb­ing three spi­ders in­stead… but I haven’t starved, and am there­fore still win­ning.

The thing which lured me into this hellscape was a screen­shot of the Ship­wrecked DLC. I’m a sucker for any­thing oceanic and the thrill of coral reefs, curl­ing waves, and sea mon­strosi­ties was too much to re­sist.

I think that’s why I’ve stuck with Don’t Starve this time. I just like how the sea looks. It soothes my twitch­ing eye­lid as I pul­ver­ize the lat­est batch of grass patches or chop at trees to slog my way to­wards my umpteenth sci­ence ma­chine. In­stead of travers­ing fields, I surf my way to gold nugget-yield­ing boul­ders, and that seems to make all the dif­fer­ence.

But it’s not smooth sail­ing. The de­vel­op­ers and I have some dis­agree­ments when it comes to ob­ject in­ter­ac­tions and craft ma­te­ri­als. They feel but­ter­fly wings are an emer­gency food­stuff. I’m of the opin­ion that if I col­lect enough but­ter­fly wings, I should be able to craft an iri­des­cent cape wor­thy of be­ing worn by Titus An­drome­don.

This was a race to find some­thing else to kill me be­fore I could starve

Klei also seems to think my spear—a tool made from flint, rope, and twigs—should be al­lowed to con­duct elec­tric­ity. My idea of us­ing one to stab a jel­ly­fish was only bright in the sense that it de­liv­ered me an elec­tric shock while the jel­ly­fish bobbed away un­scathed. I was so cross with this that I tried it sev­eral times in protest. You can see why I am not well suited to sur­vival games.

I was pon­der­ing how to spend my time in the game, and re­mem­bered I’d found a trea­sure map marker to in­ves­ti­gate. Un­for­tu­nately, my larder man­age­ment skills seemed to have de­serted me. As I landed on the is­land, I was start­ing to starve.

good de­ci­sions

A quick recce told me there was no food in the vicin­ity. The race was on! Not to sur­vive. No, that’d be ab­surd. This was a race to find some­thing else to kill me be­fore I could starve.

No evil crea­tures were avail­able for prod­ding, and the game doesn’t seem to let you set your­self on fire. But my san­ity meter was hov­er­ing per­ilously close to empty! I set sail and crashed into waves, seek­ing out sea mon­sters and other ter­rors. As my san­ity started to drain, shad­owy crea­tures faded into view.

Stand­ing still in the cen­ter of the screen, I waited for the mon­sters to chomp down. Pos­ses­sions spilled from my dead body.

But I hadn’t starved, and thus I am still win­ning.

Tidy camp, tidy mind.

A brief mo­ment of peace.

The start of my short-lived bot­tle-of-bees busi­ness.

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