Thank you to ev­ery­one who joined us for the PC Gamer Week­ender


Satur­day was my big chance to in­ves­ti­gate the Week­ender show floor. First up was Can­dle­man: The Com­plete Jour­ney. I’m a sucker for a pretty 3D plat­former, so I spent a pleas­ing chunk of time ig­nit­ing my lit­tle avatar spar­ingly to give bursts of vis­i­bil­ity, look­ing for fel­low can­dles to light and ob­jects to in­ter­act with. Biomu­tant was also on the must-play list. I’ll ad­mit that in ret­ro­spect this was be­cause I’d con­flated it with a dif­fer­ent game, but I was sur­prised by my own com­pe­tence with this cu­ri­ous ac­tion RPG. I set my furry avatar to be a hench pink and green mon­stros­ity, then set about us­ing my sword and gun to ram­page through the world, ex­ploit­ing an in­tim­i­dat­ing ar­ray of com­bos.

I also dropped by the Omen by HP Boot­camp sec­tion to see Mar­cus ‘Realzx’ Vin­ing. I met him fre­quently when he was a pro­fes­sional Smite player. More re­cently he rep­re­sented the UK at the Over­watch World Cup, hence of­fer­ing words of wis­dom to es­ports hope­fuls as part of the Boot­camp. I found my­self try­ing to strike that bal­ance be­tween learn­ing use­ful things to help me play bet­ter and try­ing to re­main ig­no­rant of how bad my cur­rent playstyle is.

Real Farm was an­other game that caught my eye. I’m not usu­ally one for sim­u­la­tor games, but ap­par­ently the ap­peal of hitch­ing a big old plough to a ve­hi­cle was too strong to re­sist. You re­ally do learn some­thing new about your­self when you go to these events.

I set my furry avatar to be a hench pink and green mon­stros­ity

Af­ter a dis­as­trous start where I couldn’t work out how to use the plough and then ac­ci­den­tally ploughed part of the road, I man­aged to fur­row that field like a to­tal boss. Sort of. Look, I made enough ridges that the tu­to­rial was happy with me, okay?

Ther­mal Paste facts

Sun­day morn­ing had a more re­laxed vibe, as I wasn’t chug­ging game demos like they were red cups at a party (I have never been to a party), so I headed over to the PC Work­shop to watch the ba­sic PC build­ing ses­sion. It was like watch­ing a syn­chro­nized swim­ming dis­play ex­cept with PC com­po­nents (I have never been to a swim­ming pool). I par­tic­u­larly en­joyed the stern warn­ings about where ther­mal paste should and shouldn’t go.

Then it was time for my panel host­ing du­ties. I had Cobalt WASD (2D Counter-Strike with grap­pling hooks) and Minecraft (which at­tracted ev­ery child in a creeper hoodie from miles around), plus a vis­i­tor from an ad­ja­cent stage—Matt Syrett—who used our screen for a talk on be­ing a game artist for hire. Cap­ping it all off was a live PC Gamer UK pod­cast record­ing where we just chat­ted about nice things which had hap­pened. And adding per­madeath to Foot­ball Man­ager. See you next year! Philippa Warr

Takeshi Ara­maki and Kenichi Shida talk Fi­nalFan­ta­syXV.

ABOVE, TOP: Au­toma­ton’s James Thomp­son re­veals 400-player bat­tle royale, Mav­er­icks: Prov­ingGround. ABOVE, BOT­TOM: Week­ender vis­i­tors getting stuck in with the wealth of games on of­fer.

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