Were­wolf: The Apoc­a­lypse

The de­tails have been un­leashed, and it’s a fas­ci­nat­ing beast

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World of Dark­ness table­top RPGs brim with in­tel­li­gent, sub­ver­sive reimag­in­ings of hor­ror archetypes. Its com­pelling mythos helped vamp-punky RPG Vam­pire: The Mas­quer­ade – Blood­lines grow into a cult clas­sic on PC, and now Were­wolf: The Apoc­a­lypse is tak­ing us back to that world, head­ing in­land from the sleaze of Blood­lines’ West Coast to a US wilder­ness eroded by cor­po­rate greed. Were­wolf is set in a se­ries of hubs dot­ted around US states like Ne­vada, Cal­i­for­nia and Ari­zona. Each of these ar­eas are be­ing ex­ploited for nat­u­ral re­sources by Pen­tex, a mega­cor­po­ra­tion cor­rupted by an en­tity known as the Wyrm. If you’ve heard any­thing about the orig­i­nal pen-and-pa­per RPG, you’ll know that it’s ef­fec­tively rais­ing a green fin­ger to cap­i­tal­ism.

It’s your job as a were­wolf to stop the car­nage. You’ll be able to roam these hubs; chat­ting to the lo­cals, in­fil­trat­ing out­posts and tak­ing on mis­sions that I can only hope will be as mem­o­rable as those from Blood­lines. Even­tu­ally, you take on the main quest mis­sion in each area, ap­proach­ing it in a num­ber of ways.

Were­wolves in this world are guardians of na­ture, so they can com­mu­ni­cate with spir­its of rivers, trees, fires and so forth. Us­ing ‘Penum­bra Vi­sion’, you’ll be able to take on chal­lenges from these spir­its, some­times even trav­el­ling to al­ter­nate di­men­sions. Suc­ceed, and you’ll get to im­bue your weapons with el­e­men­tal pow­ers – wa­ter for your bolts, for ex­am­ple, to knock out elec­tron­ics.

Not that you’ll be spend­ing all your time in hu­man form. You’re a shapeshifter, and will be able to switch seam­lessly be­tween three forms – Wolf, Hu­man, and the big one, Were­wolf (or Primus).

On the prowl

The Wolf is a great scout – fast, silent and deadly if it needs to be. But it also ad­dresses some ubiq­ui­tously awk­ward sys­tems. For ex­am­ple, in­stead of crouch-walk­ing be­hind cover or shuf­fling through vents, you’re much bet­ter off shift­ing to wolf form, let­ting you stay out of sight while swiftly flank­ing your en­e­mies, then blast­ing them away in hu­man form. Or you can dash through a vent and leap for the throat of a guard.

The Primus form, mean­while, aban­dons all sub­tlety in favour of tear­ing en­e­mies apart with clawed paws. You’ll need to be wary of con­trol­ling this form how­ever, as abus­ing it could lead to a state of Frenzy where you lose con­trol and can no longer dis­tin­guish friend from foe ( Blood­lines play­ers will get fond flash­backs to count­less bloody ram­pages caused by low Hu­man­ity).

So we have dis­tinct hub worlds, seam­less were­wolf trans­for­ma­tions, and a right­eous bat­tle against en­vi­ron­men­tal de­struc­tion. There’s a long way to go, but this one’s al­ready pricked my ears.

new info it’s ef­fec­tively rais­ing a green fin­ger to cap­i­tal­ism

“What do you mean you for­got the marsh­mal­lows?”

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