Other good cus­tom sto­ries


White Night

Cre­ated by Tan­shay­dar, this pop­u­lar cus­tom story is set in a hospital where you wake up as a pa­tient with no mem­ory of how you got there. This story has more than a hint of Si­len­tHill and Ja­cob’s Lad­der about it.


Set a year af­ter the events of TheDarkDes­cent and once again star­ring orig­i­nal pro­tag­o­nist Daniel, this story by Anxt has some pac­ing is­sues to­wards the end, but is oth­er­wise a fine ex­ten­sion of Fric­tional’s story.

Through the Por­tal

An­other con­tin­u­a­tion of TheDarkDes­cent by Dam­nNoHtml, this time tak­ing you to the bizarre alien world hinted at in the ‘por­tal’ end­ing. Notable for fea­tur­ing some very un- Am­ne­sia en­vi­ron­ments.

Troll Story

If you ac­tu­ally pre­fer loud jump scares to Amadeus’ slow-burn­ing hor­ror style, this is the Am­ne­sia mod for you. De­vel­oped by Vilperi27, the sole pur­pose of this mod is to make you shriek and jump out of your chair.

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