Log­itech Orion Spark G910

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The G910 is Log­itech’s flag­ship gam­ing key­board, yet it costs a mod­est $80, mak­ing it far more af­ford­able than some other lead­ing mod­els. Un­for­tu­nately, that cost cut­ting is ob­vi­ous when it comes to the de­sign.

With a weirdly shaped wrist rest and keys, it gives off the sense of a prod­uct that has had fea­tures and de­sign el­e­ments tacked on in the name of cov­er­ing up the base­line qual­ity of the thing.

What it lacks in de­sign and build qual­ity, though, the G910 tries to make up for in fea­tures. You get four gam­ing keys above the F1 to F4 keys, plus five more on the left. Squeezed in the top are four tiny but­tons for switch­ing pro­files and me­dia keys.

At the back is the ARX dock. This slides out to pro­vide a place to rest your phone, which you can link up to the de­vice via its app. This lets you con­trol things like light­ing, mu­sic and view sys­tem stats.

The G910 uses Log­itech’s Romer-G keyswitches, which are like Cherry MX Browns, but with a shorter ac­ti­va­tion point. They feel good and are rated to last for 90 mil­lion ac­ti­va­tions. How­ever, you can’t re­place the key­caps with third-party ones.

Add in the non-re­mov­able wrist rest and lack of a USB hub and you have a key­board that doesn’t wholly con­vince.

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