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The Roc­cat Suora FX is about as stripped-down as me­chan­i­cal gam­ing keyboards come, RGB back­light­ing aside, of course. That said, it will leave plenty of space for your desk and your own third-party wrist rest. The styling isn’t quite as clean as the Razer, thanks to a rather too prom­i­nent Roc­cat logo, but it’s still a big leap up from the likes of the Log­itech G910.

The down­side to this min­i­mal­ist ap­proach is you do miss out on a few of the niceties of other keyboards. There’s no vol­ume wheel, no USB passthrough, and no ex­tra gam­ing keys. You get four ex­tra keys above the numpad for me­dia op­tions and ‘Game Mode’, which dis­ables the Win­dows key. Oth­er­wise you get fully pro­grammable RGB back­light­ing and de­fault sec­ondary func­tions that can be ac­ti­vated by hit­ting the func­tion key.

In­stead of Cherry MX switches this uses ones made by TTC. They still of­fer good per­for­mance, plus they’re com­pat­i­ble with Cherry MX key­caps, so it’s easy to cus­tom­ize this board. Only the Brown TTC switches are avail­able, which have the same ac­tion as Cherry MX Red switches, so Brown and Blue fans will have to look else­where.

All told, this is a great bare­bones me­chan­i­cal RGB key­board.

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