PLAY 100 GAMES IN 2018

Clear your back­log and ex­pand your hori­zons. Here’s what the team played this month


Phil Sav­age Ed­i­tor

The opening hours of Far Cry 5’ s cam­paign feel promising, but it’s hard to shake the feel­ing that this is just Far Cry again. That’s not a bad thing, nec­es­sar­ily, but I’m still wait­ing for the se­quel to do some­thing that feels sur­pris­ing enough to catch my in­ter­est.

I’ve also been dip­ping into Sea of Thieves. I’m not sure how long I’ll last—the mis­sions are in­cred­i­bly repet­i­tive—but I’m hav­ing fun mess­ing around with pals on the open wa­ter. The level of co­or­di­na­tion needed to sail a galleon leads to some en­ter­tain­ing hi­jinks.

My big achieve­ment this month was com­plet­ing Metal Gear Solid V. It’s one of my fa­vorite stealth games, and I’ve en­joyed most of the 90+ hours I spent play­ing it. But I’m also glad to finally be mak­ing a dent in my big Steam list of half-fin­ished games.

Philippa Warr Deputy Ed­i­tor

This month has been a dis­as­ter for my 100 Games Chal­lenge. Apart from the games I’ve played for PCG fea­tures and pre­views it has been a lean month. Well, a lean month for any­thing that wasn’t the special events in mo­bile game Animal Cross­ing Pocket Camp, as my home PC finally croaked.

That said, based on Alex Wilt­shire’s Special Re­port, I checked out En­gare— a game about pro­duc­ing geo­met­ric pat­terns inspired by Is­lamic art. It’s gor­geous, and un­like any­thing I’ve played be­fore. I find the math­e­mat­ics of pat­terns fas­ci­nat­ing so I’ll fail a puzzle just to see the re­sults.

I also went to EVE Fan­fest, so I’ve tech­ni­cally spent three days watch­ing peo­ple play the IRL as­pects of EVE, whereby al­liances can be shored up or ru­ined through chats in a beau­ti­ful build­ing in Reyk­javik.

Andy Kelly Sec­tion Ed­i­tor

The Typ­ing of the Dead: Overkill is a very silly take on Sega’s House of the Dead se­ries, where in­stead of shoot­ing zom­bies, you type words on your key­board as fast as you can to kill them. It’s pretty bor­ing, but I man­aged to squeeze an hour of fun out of it.

I also finally got around to play­ing Bat­man: The Tell­tale Se­ries, which I think is the stu­dio’s best ad­ven­ture since the orig­i­nal Walk­ing Dead. I loved shap­ing my own ver­sion of Bruce Wayne through its di­a­logue choices.

Sur­viv­ing Mars is a deft blend of city-build­ing and sur­vival, and I en­joy it the most when the shit hits the fan. A sud­den air short­age from an me­teor strike is tense, be­cause you know peo­ple are dy­ing ev­ery sec­ond you fail to fix the prob­lem. Stress­ful, but weirdly en­joy­able.

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