No Man’s Sky

Is No Man’s Sky’s launch back­lash still rel­e­vant to the game?

PC GAMER (US) - - CONTENTS - By Philippa Warr

ight now there are two No Man’s Skys. One is the game you can cur­rently play and which has just stepped into the realms of true mul­ti­player via its Next up­date. The other is the game it was at launch which, in some cor­ners of the in­ter­net, is pre­served in as­pic along with its at­ten­dant con­tro­ver­sies and out­rage. To give a brief over­view if you’ve man­aged to avoid it thus far: At launch and in the weeks im­me­di­ately fol­low­ing, play­ers and spec­ta­tors needed to rec­on­cile what the game was with what they had ex­pected. For some peo­ple this was sim­ple—they got what they thought they would get, and ei­ther en­joyed it or didn’t. Those that did en­joy it went on to pour as­ton­ish­ing num­bers of hours into the game. For oth­ers, the gap was harder to bridge, as hype-drunk ex­pec­ta­tions crashed into slightly clunky­look­ing proc gen wildlife.

The lat­ter al­most im­me­di­ately de­volved into a ques­tion of “Who had lied and when?” re­sult­ing in a fright­en­ing harassment cam­paign against the stu­dio and its staff in­volv­ing death threats and ne­ces­si­tat­ing the in­volve­ment of the Metropoli­tan Po­lice and Scot­land Yard. I should stress that not all dis­ap­pointed play­ers went to these ex­tremes—some asked for re­funds, or queried the game’s ad­ver­tiz­ing, or just com­plained in the nor­mal way.

The specter of No Man’s Sky’s fraught launch threat­ens to dom­i­nate con­ver­sa­tions about the game even two years on. In that pe­riod, the game has had four mas­sive free up­dates which sig­nif­i­cantly change the phi­los­o­phy of the

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